Boracay Food Trip: 35 Restaurants Worth Traveling For [UPDATED MAY 2023]

You’re in Boracay again—or, for some, for the first time ever. You have only 72 hours and an appetite for everything. Where do you start?

Boracay offers a dizzying array of gastronomic delights for all tastes and budgets. Once a secluded paradise, it became a destination overflowing with tourists in recent years; however, the arrival of more establishments brought great food into its warm and convivial atmosphere and provided employment opportunities to locals and people from neighboring provinces. Today, the island teems with restaurants, pubs, and bars that reflect the diversity of preferences of both Filipino and foreign travelers. From buffet spreads and BBQ spots to American comfort food and exotic restaurants, Boracay has something for every craving.

Below, I have compiled a list of the best restaurants I’ve tried in Boracay. This isn’t meant to be a definitive list of the island’s top restaurants, but rather those worthy of checking out first, especially during a short trip. Whether you enjoy dining with candle lights, sitting on bar stools munching on burgers, or lazing around in tropical-inspired ambiences, these restaurants are definitely worth a try.

This list is ranked.

1 | Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

For a laid-back meal with a gorgeous beach view, troop over to Villa Caemilla’s bar and restaurant in Station 3. Whether you’re looking for something light or in the mood to feast, there’s definitely something for you from their selection of international fare. I loved the 4-Cheese Pizza and Vegetarian Flatbread—the pizzas are offered at half the price daily from 2PM to 6PM. Try the Nachos, Beef Salpicao, Pork Sisig, or Bitterballen (Dutch croquettes) with cocktails or beers, or get the Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Thai Beef Salad for something light and healthy. Dropping by for breakfast? Get The Caemilla, a croissant filled with bacon and scrambled eggs, with some potatoes on the side. Oh, and here's a discovery from a local friend: their Bavarian Croissants are to-die for (and always sold out)!

Highly recommended: 4-Cheese Pizza, Vegetarian Flatbread, Nachos, Bitterballen, Chicken BBQ, Beef Salpicao, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Thai Beef Salad, Pork Sisig, The Caemilla (breakfast), Bavarian Croissant
Useful tip: Villa Caemilla, in my opinion, has the best cocktails in Boracay. My top choices are the La Lavanda (lavender, citrus, gin), Lavand IslandSmoky Negroni, and Clover Club. They are also the only one (aside from the five-star resorts) that makes it a point to use the proper glassware for different cocktails. :)

Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel
Station 3, Angol, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP500 up

2 | Azure Beach Club

Serving fresh seafood and Asian cuisine, Azure Beach Club is the perfect beachside spot in Station Zero. It's also where you can find the best Indian food in the island, in my opinion. The menu comprise a selection of seafood which diners can enjoy fresh, grilled, or baked. Or perhaps incorporated in one of the Asian dishes in the menu—in a tom yum goong, for instance? Thai and Japanese fare are served, but with the head chef being Indian, you definitely must try the Indian offerings. I love the Prawn Biryani topped with delicious cilantro pesto, the Chicken Tandoori, the Vegetarian Samosa, and the Naan made from a tandoor oven. Their Matcha Lava Cake is seriously mindblowing.

Highly recommended: Prawn Biryani, Tandoori, Naan, Samosa, Matcha Lava Cake, Fresh Aklan Oysters, Mango Mojito, Azure G&T
Useful tip: On Saturdays from 12 noon to 3 pm, the restaurant hosts a Foam Party, where guests can enjoy a lunch buffet of BBQ and Mexican food and play in the pool for 3 hours.

Azure Beach Club
Crimson Resort and Spa, Station Zero, Punta Bunga Beach, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP1,000 up/head

3 | Mosaic Latin American Grill

With an exciting menu consisting of grilled meats, ceviches, and mouthwatering appetizers and desserts, Mosaic Latin American Grill (also at the Crimson Resort & Spa) is worth a special detour. Even if you're not staying at the resort, the restaurant is a must-visit, especially if you're looking for a place to celebrate with family, friends, or your better half over great food and drinks. Try the delicious Tiradito Ahumado for starters, which are spicy, zesty, raw smoked shrimps topped with crispy sweet potato chips. Order a steak, of course—I highly recommend the Bolzico Rib Eye, incredibly juicy and tender Argentinian Angus beef. Pair your meal with some wine for that fancy touch; the restaurant has an in-house sommelier to help you with your preferences.

Highly recommended: Tiradito Ahumado, Pulpo, Bolzico Rib Eye, Ravioli de Langosta al Estilo Chupe
Useful tip: Their steaks come with a choice of sauce and side—ask if you can get all 4 sauce selections, but I highly recommend the aji amarillo. For the side dish, get the creamy and smooth mashed potato.

Mosaic Latin American Grill
Crimson Resort and Spa, Station Zero, Punta Bunga Beach, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP2,000 up/head

4 | Cha Cha's Beach Cafe

It's hard not to fall in love with COAST's beachfront all-day dining restaurantCha Cha's. The interiors are vibrant and striking, with an allure that makes it hard for passersby to resist dropping by for a bite or a drink. Pull up a chair by the bar and enjoy some cocktails or watch the sunset from one of the beachside tables. Eager to feast? The Cold Seafood Platter, filled with crab, clams, mussels, scallops, salmon poke, and tuna ceviche is exquisite. Craving for local flavors? Try the Pork Belly Dinakdakan, which simply demands cusswords (and extra rice). Something healthy? Get the Chicken Grain Bowl which has delicious grilled chicken, feta, and herbs on top of brown rice. If you are looking for a unique breakfast buffet, you can have it here as well (Ube Champorado anyone?).

Highly recommended: Cold Seafood Platter, Cold Spicy Salmon and Tuna Poke Bowl, Crispy Seafood Roll, Pork Belly Dinakdakan, Cheesy Baked Scallops, Chicken Grain Bowl, Carne Asada Tacos, Ube Champorado, Calamari Salad
Useful tip: Fan of their sister Manila restaurant, Providore? Great! You can find the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and Crispy Seafood Roll here! 

Cha Cha’s Beach Café
G/F, COAST Boracay, Station 2 Beach Front, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP500 up/head

5 | Rainbow Cafe and Lounge

“Comfort food” can be an easy route for restaurants that don’t know their identity, but at Rainbow Café and Lounge, I’d say that Chef Adriel Villanueva knows exactly what he wants to serve. His food is comfort food done right—no BS, no pretentiousness, no unnecessary reinventions. The flavors are balanced and not cloying; more often than not, people equate “comfort food” with greasy snacks and heaps of cheese sauces, but you’ll never find any of that here. Chef Adriel incorporates sweet, sour, salty, and spicy in a lot of his dishes—very much like Thai cuisine, LOVE—but his style demonstrates that any dish, whether it’s Filipino, European, or Chinese, can be like that. Truly a must-try when in the island.

Highly recommended: Chinese Pork Belly, Seafood Aligue Pasta, Scallop and Mushroom Salpicao, Tapa Rice, Octopus Ceviche, Half Roast Chicken with Peri-Peri Sauce, Seafood Umami Pesto Pizza
Useful tip: The restaurant has drag shows every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday! Make sure you reserve a table as the place gets packed easily. They also have a lounge area where you can order coffee and cocktails.

Rainbow Café and Lounge
Nigi Nigi Too, Station 2, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP400 up/head

6 | Los Indios Bravos

A fusion of a cozy atmosphere, exquisite food, and delightful local craft beers, Los Indios Bravos is a casual gastropub that flawlessly elevates “bar grub” cuisine into something "revolutionary"—making it consistently one of the top-rated dining spots in Boracay. The restaurant attracts a sizeable crowd eager for endless conversations, chill drinking sessions, and satisfying meals. Unlike most gastropubs, the menu isn’t an afterthought—must-tries include the Oyster Rockefeller, Vegetable Samosa, Lamb Shank Risotto, and Fresh Seafood Platter (Fruits de Mer)—the best in the island. Make sure to order some pale ale, weizen, or IPA on tap to pair with your food!

Highly recommended: Bitterballen, Oyster Rockefeller, Chicken Tikka Masala, Cobb Salad, Vegetable Samosa, Lamb Shank Risotto, Veal Cheeks, Mushroom and Chorizo Risotto, Fresh Seafood Platter (Fruits de Mer), Padre Damaso (cocktail)
Useful tip: Ask the bartender or the friendly owners for recommended beer and food pairings.

Los Indios Bravos
White House Beach Resort, Station 1, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP600 up/head

7 | Salsa Fusion Restaurant

Hidden away from all the beachfront spots is Salsa Fusion Restaurant, located at the Serene La Playa Hotel in Station 1. Serving a combination of Mexican, Spanish, and Filipino cuisines, the flavors at Salsa are familiar yet served with a twist—the fusion aspect is seamless and doesn't try too hard, which is so easy to commit in concepts like this. I love the effort in making things from scratch (tortillas, chorizo are housemade)—you can really see and taste the thought and care given to every detail. The concise menu was a giveaway that everything will be AMAZING—and indeed everything we ordered was incredible. One of the more noteworthy meals I've had in the island.

Highly recommended: Porchetta Bagnet, Paella Supremo, Tortilla Verde Quesadillas, Champurrado
Useful tip: Come as a big group so you can try everything on the menu.

Salsa Fusion Restaurant
G/F Serene La Playa Hotel, Station 1, Boracay Island (alleyway)
Budget: around PhP600 and up/head

8 | Thai Basil

Another restaurant I never noticed in D’Mall (and yes, another Thai restaurant in this list), Thai Basil is a must-try when you’re craving for simple Thai food done right. The presentation here is unassuming—exactly how you’d see the food when you go to the casual restaurants in Bangkok—and what first came to mind when I tasted the food was my first ever meal in Thailand, in Chiang Rai. We loved how legit everything is, from the Tom Yum and Tom Kha Kai (one of my favorites) to the Panang Curry, Pad Thai, and Pad Kra Pao, which, to my fucking joy, was actually spicy (other restaurants insist on serving this SWEET). 

Highly recommended: Tom Kha Kai, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Kra Pao Goong (Shrimp), Panang Curry, Pad Thai, Thai Iced Tea
Useful tip: Different spice levels are available, but please don’t order "mild"—go for “medium”, at least. There’s also “spicy” level and "Thai spicy"!

Thai Basil
D'Mall, Boracay Island (near the highway entrance)
Budget: around PhP500 and up/head

9 | Congas Restaurant

If you’re craving for comforting Thai food while in the island, head over to Balabag and try Congas Restaurant. Situated a few steps away from Laketown (or Balabag Wetland Park), the small eatery serves a selection of curries, stir-fries, soups, salads, and grilled meats—all flavorful and in satisfying portions. We loved the Green Chicken Curry (which we requested extra spicy), the Lemongrass Fried Chicken studded with fragrant kaffir lime leaves, and Massaman Beef Curry. The Green Mango Salad was pretty good too and I was incredibly surprised to find laab on the menu—something not commonly offered even in Manila.

Highly recommended: Thai Green Curry, Massaman Curry, Tom Kha Kai, Green Mango Salad, Laab Gai, Lemongrass Fried Chicken
Useful tip: If you can't secure a seat at their Balabag branch, go to Station 3—they actually have a new branch there!

Congas Restaurant
Balabag, Road 1-A, Boracay Island (same side as Andoks)
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

10 | Lanterna

By default, Boracay tourists would choose to dine in one of the beachfront restaurants along White Beach, but a little effort goes a long way in terms of discovering the island’s hidden gems. One such gem is Lanterna, an Italian restaurant whisked away in Balabag. If you’re all about handmade pastas, fresh carpaccios, and fragrant coffee, this is the place to visit. The outdoor space is cozy and homey, the perfect venue for relishing delicious and lovingly made Italian food. The freshly made focaccia is great and will definitely set the mood for a fantastic meal ahead. Make sure you bring friends so you can sample a variety!

Highly recommended: Spinach Ravioli with Sage and Butter, Octopus Carpaccio, Affogato
Useful tip: Call ahead (to check if they're open) and secure a table. They also hold yoga and pilates classes in the hotel! 

0491 Bulabog Street, Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP500 and up/head

11 | Levantin

Hidden away in Bulabog Beach, Levantin is actually a hotel famous for its sunrise views. It has an adjoining bar and restaurant serving some of the tastiest things I’ve eaten during my most recent trip. I loved the Four-Cheese Pizza which was even better than the most famous one in Boracay; the Spaghetti Napolitana with a delicious sauce laden with capers and olives; the spicy and comforting Thai Chicken Noodle Soup; and the Farmer’s Frittata, a perfect way to start the day. They also serve great coffee, which you can enjoy in a French press while simply taking in the windy Bulabog mornings, or while working in their cozy alfresco area.

Highly recommended: Four-Cheese Pizza, Farmer's Frittata, Spaghetti Napolitana, Thai Chicken Noodle Soup
Useful tip: Plant yourself on one of the tables outside facing the beach and order some cocktails. Their mojito is great!

Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island (near Palassa Private Residences and Seven Stones)
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

12 | Subo

For a taste of Filipino cuisine presented in a modern way, head over to Subo Restaurant in Station 3. Here, your favorite Pinoy dishes are reimagined while maintaining the traditional flavors we are familiar with. I love how the contemporary presentation contrasts with the classical ambiance of the restaurant. Subo is where you would take a balikbayan craving for some Filipino love in the island; this is also where you should invite foreigners who are keen to try our cuisine, especially since Subo also offers regional dishes like the delicious Tiyula Itum, a burnt coconut beef soup from Mindanao. I suggest ordering a variety of specialties from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao!

Highly recommended: Tiyula Itum, Sinuglaw, Ensaladang Espesyal (eggplant salad served with greens), Inihaw na Isda (grilled fish with spices and kecap manis), Sashimi Salad (pepper-crusted fish, served with greens), Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice, Crispy Canton
Useful tip: The staff performs Filipino folk dances during dinner time, so make sure to catch the show!

Calle Remedios, Station 3, Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP500 and up/head

13 | Guajillo

Birria was all the rage in Manila at some point in the series of lockdowns last year, and now Guajillo—a newcomer in the Boracay dining scene—is out to bring the craze to the island. I would normally just dismiss another birria, Basque cheesecake, or sushi bake purveyor (yes, we’ve had enough), but the birria—and I mean the broth, the consommé—at Guajillo is spectacular. Which is not to say that the tacos and quesadillas are bad, but when the consommé is good, you know you’re in the right place. Guajillo is hidden away in Hagdan, past CityMall and before Station Zero (tell the e-trike driver to drop you off at the restaurant complex in Hagdan).

Highly recommended: Birria Tacos, Quesabirria
Useful tip: They also serve alcoholic drinks—Aperol Spritz, anyone?

Hagdan, Yapak, Boracay Island (infront of Grand Vista Hotel)
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

14 | Two Brown Boys

If you want to go where the locals go—and where the chefs eat—step away from White Beach and look for Two Brown Boys (or 2BB, as we affectionately call it) in Balabag. Serving huge-ass, delicious burgers, this local favorite exudes a cozy island vibe that I so desperately wanted to feel while in Boracay. (Let’s be honest: who wants to go to the beach and be greeted with BGC vibes?) The Bacon Blue Cheese Burger is well-executed with a delicious, juicy patty, with the caramelized onions and blue cheese perfectly complementing it. At night, the place transforms into a bar which can be very chill or absolutely wild (and fun) depending on the crowd. Whichever one it is, I’m sure as hell it isn’t pretentious. Watch out for the Crazy Shot Lady!

Highly recommended: Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Amaretto Sour, Mojito, Whisky Sour (they use calamansi)
Useful tip: Two Brown Boys is the place to hang out in when you want to be somewhere unpretentious. The cocktails are cheap and they match the island vibe, but if you're looking to indulge, you can definitely order liquors by the bottle here too. They have awesome DJs!

Two Brown Boys
Balabag, Road 1-A, Boracay Island (same side as Andoks)
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

15 | Tres Amigos

When it comes to dining spots, I tend to avoid D’Mall just because of all the chaos going on, but in doing so, I have missed out on some delicious finds here. One such place is Tres Amigos, an inconspicuous restaurant serving delicious Mexican food—among others (I say this because they have a huge, confusing menu consisting of Filipino and Chinese food as well). Order the Tacos al Pastor—the pork bursts with flavor from its delicious marinade and complements the pineapple very well. There’s a generous amount of onions and cilantro, and the tacos come with salsa and garlic sauce. Get the vegan Chili Bean Soup as well—it’s spicy and hearty, something to fuel the appetite even more! Plus points for the huge portions!

Highly recommended: Tacos al Pastor, Chili Bean Soup
Useful tip: The tacos are huge. You may order one or several to share, so you can try other dishes.

Tres Amigos
D'Mall, Boracay Island (near Aria)
Budget: around PhP400/head

16 | Dos Mestizos

If you seek a sumptuous feast in a more intimate set-up, Dos Mestizos is exactly the place to check out. The Spanish restaurant has made a lot of travelers and locals happy with its renditions of Spanish favorites. The restaurant’s rustic and homey interiors combine with its hearty offers to ensure an unforgettable visit anytime; get a paella to share with family or friends, order some sangria or wine from their well-stocked Bodega, and listen to live music as you relish each mouthful. The paella, of course, is a must-try in any Spanish restaurant but wait until you see their mouthwatering menu and for sure—you’d want to try everything.

Highly recommended: Paella Negra, Salmon con Crema de Azafran, Salpicao de Vaca, Gambas
Useful tip: Come on Saturdays for their unlimited tapas and pintxos promo!

Dos Mestizos
Main Road, Station 1, Boracay Island (across Sea Wind Resort)
Budget: around PhP900 and up/head

17 | Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant

Only a few places can capture the perfect sundown vibe, and Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant in Diniwid is such a place. It’s one of our favorite spots for post-lunch lounging that extends until the sky is dark. Their sangrias are our favorites (both red and white) but the cocktails aren’t bad as well—I like the Buch N’ Hooch (gin, kombucha, basil, lime, Sprite) and the Dinibeach Mai Tai. Of course you need to accompany these libations with tasty bites such as their Kinilaw on Fried Pita (tuna, mango, tomato, coconut) which is punchy and fresh; Nachos made of the same fried pita; and the creamy and flavorful Pesto Farfalle.

Highly recommended: Kinilaw, Nachos, Pesto Farfalle, Fish and Chips
Useful tip: Come early (3PM is ideal) so you can secure the best spot and stay until sundown.

Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant
Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP500 and up/head

18 | Back Beach Burgers

What started as a delivery-only burger purveyor in Boracay is now a full-service restaurant right at the beachfront! Back Beach Burgers was a concept born during the lockdowns, and they only sold burgers for preorders last year in their headquarters, Bulabog Beach (a.k.a. back beach, thus the name). Now you can visit them in their beautiful spot in Station 1, and just laze around with burgers while admiring the stunning view. My favorites are the Cream Cheese Jalapeno Burger, the Smoky Bacon BBQ Burger, and the Smash Burger, which simply has sliced onions, cheddar, pickles, and tomatoes. You need to get the CHIGAH Cheese Fries too!

Highly recommended: Cream Cheese Jalapeno, Smoky Bacon BBQ, Smash Burger, CHIGAH Fries
Useful tip: Come during off-peak hours so you can secure the best spot.

Back Beach Burgers
Station 1 beachfront (infront of the grotto, above Jonah's Fruit Shake), Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

19 | Mama's Fish House

With a winner ambience and a stunning view of the sea, Mama’s Fish House in Diniwid definitely deserves a detour. Secure a table nearest the water and enjoy the freshest seafood as you bask in the fantastic vistas. My friends and I ordered a variety of dishes to share, and among them I enjoyed the Grilled Yellowfin Tuna served with ratatouille and mashed potatoes; the delicious Mama’s Paella laden with prawns, clams, and vegetables; and the Penne Pollo con Pesto (penne with chicken and creamy pesto sauce). For some reason, I was enjoying the company too much the night we visited, that I couldn't even remember the other dishes (LOL), but I want to come back to this spot to try a few more items.

Highly recommended: Grilled Yellow fin Tuna, Mama's Paella, Penne Pollo con Pesto
Useful tip: I suggest watching the sunset over at Diniwid Beach and then booking a dinner reservation at Mama’s Fish House.

Mama's Fish House
Microtel Boracay, Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP400 and up/head

20 | Café Maruja

Here’s my honest opinion of Café Maruja, the much-Instagrammed spot in Station 3: it’s quite expensive. Be prepared to shell out some money. However, if you’re looking for clean, healthy food after seeing mostly burgers, pizzas, and fried pork in everyone else’s menu, Café Maruja is quite the respite you’re looking for. I really enjoyed the Falafel Super Green Buddha Bowl which has falafel, quinoa, beans, mushrooms, and greens. I also wanted a break from caffeine the day I visited so I tried their coffee-free options; the Velvet Latte has turmeric, beetroot, hibiscus, rosehip, and chai spices—energizing like coffee and also anti-inflammatory and detoxifying! Oh, and everything they serve is plated so beautifully.

Highly recommended: Falafel Buddha Bowl, Velvet Latte
Useful tip: There's an adjoining restaurant (I suppose a sister establishment?) called Joe's which serves international cuisine; you may order from their menu and have the food served at Maruja.

Café Maruja
Station 3 Beachfront (Casa Pilar Beach Resort), Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP600 and up/head

21 | Spice Bird

In the heart of D’Mall hides an unassuming restaurant dishing out what is probably the best chicken in Boracay. Spice Bird specializes in piri-piri chicken—originally a Portuguese recipe made with bird’s eye chili. Chicken is infused with homemade piri-piri sauce for 36 hours before being grilled. Piri-piri boards come with your choice of protein (chicken, pork or shrimp), a salad, veggie chips, a milky roll, and spiced rice. Play around with their 4 signature sauces to find what tickles your taste buds, but I highly recommend mixing the Garlic & Lime with the Original Piri-Piri. The chicken skin is abso-fucking-lutely good, the calamansi cheesecake to-die-for.

Highly recommended: Piri-Piri Chicken Skin, Piri-Piri Chicken Board (get the leg-and-thigh part), Calamansi Cheesecake
Useful tip: Try all four sauces, and their combinations, to come up with the one best for you. These are also sold in jars for you to take home!

Spice Bird
Unit 108, D'Mall, Station 2 (near the ferris wheel)
Budget: PhP300-PhP400/head

22 | Brezza

Brezza, situated at the Movenpick Resort in Station Zero, is proud of its pizza—and it should be. Diners will get to enjoy an authentic experience with pies made from a wood-fired oven brought in all the way from Naples, Italy. Try the L'invidiosa, which has buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, dried herbal ham, and pistachio nuts. Their salads shouldn't be ignored, like the La Brezza consisting of aged parma ham, cherry tomatoes, onions, greens, and buffalo mozzarella, and the simple but exquisite Mozzarella Caprese. Craving for earthy flavors? Get the Mushroom Risotto—it's insanely good!

Highly recommended: L'invidiosa, La Brezza, Mozzarella Caprese, Mushroom Risotto, Crema de Limoncello, Panna Cotta
Useful tip: Watch the chefs in action as they prepare your pizza: Brezza is known to make the "fastest pizzas" in Boracay; they can whip up one for you in 41 seconds!

Movenpick Boracay, Station Zero, Punta Bunga Beach, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP1,000 up

23 | Tropicafé

A great meal in Boracay should be comforting and reasonably priced, and if this is what you’re looking for, head over to Tropicafé in Boracay Tropics Resort in Station 2. Situated right inside the resort, the restaurant offering Asian cuisine caters mostly to its in-house guests, but walk-ins are definitely welcome. Enjoy delights such as Szechuan Crab, Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp (and Pork), Fried Chicken, Pinakbet, and Pata Tim. What I love about this restaurant is that the food is unfussy yet consistently delicious.

Highly recommended: Pata Tim, Szechuan Crab, Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Salt and Pepper Pork, Pinakbet, Cucumber Slush
Useful tip: Order many dishes to share, and make sure your stomachs are empty. Ask if you can arrange for an outdoor cabana setup.

Boracay Tropics Resort, Station 2
Budget: PhP250-PhP400/head

24 | I Love Backyard BBQ

The ever-busy I Love Backyard BBQ in D’Mall is where regulars and tourists flock for an ultimate barbecue encounter. Irresistible Babyback Ribs, big enough to be shared by three to four, mingle with Sizzling Garlic Chicken meant to break your diet. The restaurant claims to serve the best pork belly ever, and while I don’t fully agree, I’m ashamed to admit how many extra cups of rice I ordered. They serve tasty appetizers too—try the Potato Skins with cayenne aioli and the Bacon Skewers. Bring heaps of patience as the queue can get quite long.

Highly recommended: Babyback Ribs, Potato Skins
Useful tip: Avoid lunch and dinner times; instead, come a bit earlier (11:00AM or 5:00PM) to avoid the long lines.

I Love Backyard BBQ
D'Mall, Station 2
Budget: around PhP400 up/head

25 | True Home Bistro

Everything about True Home Bistro is beautiful: from its stunning beachfront location to its gorgeous Philippine-inspired interiors and of course, to its perfectly plated food. I must admit, some of the dishes I tried really did not stick to mind, but I couldn't get over the Seared Tuna with Wakame and Wasabi Aioli, that I had to include True Home in this list just so I could tell you all about this dish. It's fresh, it's light, it's exquisite—something I would go back for and would enjoy with a G&T next time, perhaps. (Or sake. Or beer. You know.) The Chicken Satay is pretty good too, a little toned down compared to what I'd normally like but still tasty!

True Home Bistro
Station 1 Beachfront, Boracay Island
Budget: around PhP500 and up/head

26 | Sapphire

Henann Crystal Sands’ all-day dining restaurant offers both a striking view and a tasty menu. Whether you're looking for a light snack or a full meal with friends and family, this beachfront spot is sure to satiate your cravings. Opt for one of the alfresco seats where you can gaze at White Beach while digging into delicious plates, such as the Crispy Squid Strips served with addicting vinegar and aioli; the equally hooking Root Crop Chips; the spicy and filling Salmon with Kimchi Fried Rice, which comes with two eggs; and the hefty signature Crystal Sands Burger. Order some fresh fruit shakes or a buko juice for good measure!

Highly recommended: Crispy Squid Strips, Salmon Kimchi Fried Rice, Crystal Sands Burger, Root Crop Chips
Useful tip: Skip the desserts, but do try their seafood and savory offerings.

Henann Crystal Sands Resort, Station 2, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP500 up/head

27 | Steampunk Burgers

If you love burgers, then you have to include Steampunk Burgers in your next Boracay eat-inerary. You know it's good when they make everything in-house: from the patties to the buns. Try their version of the famous island sandwich, the Chori Burger which was incredibly tasty! Hungry? Finish the gigantic 1-pound Triple X Burger on your own (if you dare) or share it with friends—it comes with a choice of toppings as well (recommended: Cajun and blue cheese). Aside from burgers, they also offer other sandwiches like the Shrimp Roll, which was also incredibly good. Sweet endings? Get one of their indulgent milkshakes or try their Churros—the best I've had yet.

Highly recommended: Chori Burger, Shrimp Roll, Churros
Useful tip: Save room for the Churros, it's something you wouldn't want to miss.

Steampunk Boracay
D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island
Budget: PhP300 up

28 | Star Lounge

Boracay’s partygoers aren’t known to be obsessed with breakfast, but at Star Lounge in The District, alcoholics like myself are given a reason to drag ourselves out of bed, and are extended some consideration. Its brunch buffet is offered until 1:00PM. Nightlife lovers will find delight in its exquisite breads, salads, and appetizers, as well as viands like ribs, beef stew, and breakfast staples. Selections are varied and well-curated—from the American and make-your-own pasta stations to the dessert spread. For dinner, try their Grilled Sets consisting of salad, soup, and entrée; the Rib Eye Steak is great!

Highly recommended: Beef Stew, Babyback Ribs, Crepes, Rib Eye, Angus Beef Steak, Mango Mojito
Useful tip: The roof deck is a romantic venue for intimate dinners. The balcony area of the 2nd floor, on the other hand, is perfect for morning meals with its amazing view. The ground level has also been converted into a coffee shop—they serve good coffee!

Star Lounge
2/F and Deck, The District Boracay, Station 2, Boracay Island
+6336.288.2324 – 27/+6336.288.1448
Budget: PhP600 up


29 | Mr. D La Bettola (Balabag) - while I find some of their food a little bland, their pizzas are pretty good. But you know what I keep coming back for at this place? THEIR COFFEE. The BEST in Boracay. They serve legit matcha too.

30 | Aria Cucina Italiana (D'Mall) - there's a reason why this Boracay institution is always full: the food is really good. They have been serving the island for 15 years! I love their pizzas, desserts, and coffee—and of course, the gelato next door! I have no photos of Aria at all, thus the special mention only. But I would've ranked this much higher probably.

31 | Meze Wrap (Station 2, Main Road) - go here and try their Mediterranean-inspired food, such as the Eggplant Hummus. They also offer set meals with grilled meats and sides. The food is quite flavorful!

32 | Lazy Dog (Balabag) - a visit to Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast in is guaranteed to give you a laid-back meal in the island, with its alfresco dining set up. It's a good stop for comfort food and breakfast fare that are affordable yet filling and satisfying. Some of the must-tries are the Gourmet Tuyo, Famous Adobo, and Chicken Karaage.

33 | Pig Out Bistro (Station 1, Main Road) - I didn't try a lot of food here but I did enjoy the Crab Burger and the Onion Rings!

34 | Tita Magz Home Kitchen (Station 3)- this little beachfront spot in Station 3 serves delicious chicken adobo, fish and chips,  and a MEAN mojito.

35 | Nonie's (Station 2) - My observation with Nonie's is that their food is always underseasoned. They have Indian food in their Little Taj menu and they're not vibrant and in-your-face, as what you would expect Indian food to be. Having said that, the Vegan Sisig is good as well as their take on Pork and Beans. Oh, and I LOOOOVE their ginger chia drink! Plus the staff are always awesome, great service!

Have you tried any of these places? Which is your favorite restaurant in Boracay?

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