Cha Cha's Boracay: My Top 10 Picks

Cha Cha’s is COAST Boracay’s all-day dining outlet and a staple in any of my Boracay trips. This modern-chic restaurant draws the beach crowds in not only with its strikingly gorgeous interiors, but also with its delicious offerings and tropical handcrafted drinks. It’s certainly not-to-be-missed in the Boracay dining scene, with its well-curated menu, unmatched ambience, and amazing service.

I’ve been to Cha Cha’s countless times, so below I have listed down my top 10 favorite dishes. The next time you pass by this gorgeous restaurant in Station 2, don’t be shy—grab a table and be prepared for a fun gastronomic experience. Which of these have you tried? What else can you recommend? Let me know in the comments section!

1 | Baked Garlic Cheese and Butter Scallops

We Pinoys are used to eating delicious shellfish, but some people don’t have easy access to the best and freshest ones. We met a Westerner friend who hadn’t tried scallops, but we had turned her into a fan with this dish at Cha Cha’s. And why wouldn’t she be? This dish is savory, creamy, and addicting—a must when visiting the restaurant. They’re also baked so anyone who is anxious about the texture can definitely enjoy them.

2 | Pork Belly Dinakdakan

I don’t even have to order the Pork Belly Dinakdakan because every time I’m at Cha Cha’s. somebody else always gets it for the table. We love it—crispy, smoky pork belly enveloped in a creamy sauce made slightly tart with sinamak vinegar, topped with chopped onions and chili. It’s a simple dish that’s actually, I’d say, difficult to perfect. Make sure you order beers as it’s the best pairing!

3 | Ube Champorado

If there’s a dish that anyone would immediately associate with Cha Cha’s, it’s probably the Ube Champorado. Many have tried to copy and replicate, but the original remains to be the best. The traditional Filipino chocolate porridge was made with ube (purple yam) instead, lending it a slight earthiness, but it’s still served with the typical accompaniments—condensed milk and fried fish. Yes, fish. Foreigner friends, trust me! This salty-sweet combo works.

4 | Sweet Prawn Som Tam

I always enjoy those pops of flavor from little dried shrimps in traditional som tam, but trust Chef Kalel to spruce that up a little by giving us chopped prawns on top of this tasty Thai salad. The result is additional texture and sweetness (although less “funky”) on top of a spicy mix of long beans, green papaya, cucumber, tomatoes, fried shallots, and herbs. The fish sauce-citrus dressing is delicious.

5 | Char-Grilled Calamari Salad

I love a good salad, and this dish is another inspiration from a Thai staple. Instead of using boiled squid, this salad comes topped with fried calamari—definitely a good choice if you’re not a fan of the former. I just love how it’s sweet, salty, sour, and spicy all at the same time, and if you’re ordering a bunch of one-dimensional dishes, this one is good to have on the table.

6 | Winner Winner Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? The Winner Winner Fried Chicken is actually a crowd favorite at Providore in BGC and Raintree Restaurants brought it to Boracay. Forget your diet for a moment and order this basket of juicy fried chicken with crispy skin, served with fries, white gravy and chili honey. This chicken also has a sandwich version, with the boneless chicken and Asian slaw crammed between a buttery Brioche bun. Delicious!

7 | Cold Salmon and Tuna Poke Bowl

For something light, fresh, and healthy, get the Cold Salmon and Tuna Poke Bowl filled with chunks of fresh tuna and salmon, cucumber, avocado, ikura, and nori on top of steamed rice. It’s definitely filling sans the guilt since most of the toppings are actually good for you! Of course, feel free to pretend that you’re in a Hawaiian beach instead of Boracay while polishing off this bowl.

8 | Cha Cha’s Cold Seafood Platter

For a taste of assorted fresh seafood, the Cold Seafood Platter is a must-try. This dish is something you’d want to order if you want to feel a little luxurious while lounging by the beach. This indulgent set has blue swimmer crabs, poke, ceviche, clams, mussels, and shrimp cocktail, served with spiced mignonette, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and citrus. Order a round of beers for everyone, or some Aperol Spritz!

9 | Chicken Whole Grain Bowl

I love how varied Cha Cha’s menu is, and that includes healthier options for those who still want to watch their food intake while on vacation. I was in such a phase for some time and I ordered the Chicken Whole Grain Bowl—grilled chicken on top of brown rice, chickpeas, edamame, grilled veggies, and hummus. Healthy but—no, make that “and”—delicious!

10 | Stone Fired Pizza

We love Cha Cha’s pizzas! Some of our favorites are the Roasted Tomato Margherita, All Meat, and Garlic Shrimp Scampi. Pizza is one of my comfort food and it’s perfect whether for lunch, dinner, or a sundown session.

Have you dined at Cha Cha's? What are your favorites?

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