On NutriRite, Fitness, and the Things I Do for the Love of Dancing

I’m pretty pasaway for a dancer. For one, I like drinking. OK, not like—love. Whiskey excites me like a bonus does to an employee, and beer … don’t even get me started. I can chug down bottles in a matter of minutes, faster if someone is around to chat with. It was no surprise then when, once I stopped rigorous training and intense practice, I found myself nursing a beer belly. No dancing means no workout, no fat-burning, no heavy physical activity whatsoever. Add that to the fact that I’m a food blogger trying out a smorgasbord of restaurants, and what do you expect?

Since I came back to training I’ve become more conscious of what I do to myself. For instance, believe it or not, I now drink less (I said “drink less”, not “stopped drinking”, OK? LOL). I’ve abandoned the nightclubs—which not only destroys my liver but also my savings! Yay! Congratulate me! In addition, I’ve cut down my rice consumption. I decided it was high time to say goodbye to eating entire platters.
Enter NutriRite.
When a fellow blogger told me about this new healthy cereal product called NutriRite, I decided to check it out. After all, this blogger friend is very much into fitness. So along with her, I went to the launch of NutriRite at the 88 Super Club in QC, curious of the product (and eager to take a photo with NutriRite ambassador, Ellen Adarna, just so I could irritate all my male friends and make them envious, hahaha).

NutriRite is Food Empire’s answer to one of the fitness junkies’ ultimate concerns: eating healthy food that doesn’t suck. The global food and beverage company has decided to bring their cereal brand to the Philippines, with an aim to provide a healthy alternative to our usual breakfast and merienda fare.

NutriRite instant cereal comes in 3 flavors (Original, Low-Fat, and Oats & Honey) and is for sale at PhP5.50/sachet. The Low-Fat variant has only 2 grams of fat per 28-gram sachet and 0 trans fat, making it ideal for anybody desiring to lose weight, maintain his/her physique or get Boracay-ready. (I don’t want a #BoracayBody, in case you’re wondering. I just want to dance without feeling lumps around my middles.)

I love the fact that this cereal drink tastes good too—seriously! The Original and Low-Fat variants both have milky flavors that make you finish the entire mug in one gulp without noticing it—the latter being more suitable for those who are targeting weight-loss. My favorite is the Oats & Honey, a chunkier, creamier concoction with the taste of rolled oats and only a subtle sweetness.

During the launch, Ellen Adarna talked briefly about her regimen and I completely agree with her that fitness is a combination of proper exercise and diet. While NutriRite is certainly a great supplement for your healthy breakfast or snack needs, you have to move around in order to attain maximum results. You can’t just drink NutriRite and sleep all day! So take it from the NutriRite endorser herself—a model on how to make the most of this product.

A journey towards fitness is daunting, but with a new dance partner and a competition coming up, I’m determined to fit into my old Latin pants and do the Jive without a jiggling belly. They say it’s all about choices and for now, I’m choosing to embark on a journey towards fitness by returning to intense dance training and sipping on some NutriRite—while keeping my fingers crossed.

NutriRite is available at leading groceries in Metro Manila, including Cash & Carry, Robinson's Supermarket, Shopwise, South Supermarket, The Landmark Supermarket, Tropical Hut Groceries, Walter Mart, and Wellcome Supermarket.

Download the official NutriRite Nutrition Planner App (iOS/Android) for daily meal plans and exercise programs.

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This post is brought to you by NutriRite Philippines. All opinions are my own.

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