Poco Deli: Behold the Evil Bacon Slab

I used to spend so much time in our old dance studio in Madison Square Pioneer that Kapitolyo should’ve been a regular hangout spot for me. That’s why when I only got to try Poco Deli in Kapitolyo after spending almost two years practicing in the vicinity, I wanted to traverse the distance from Madison to Kapitolyo while kneeling as a sort of self-punishment. Why didn’t I visit this place back when it was still new (and inexpensive)? Why did I subsist on Jollibee and 7 Eleven when I should’ve been munching on bacon and sausages?

After attending The Feast and doing some shopping, I, along with my recently-exorcised friend Krizzia and omnipresent friend Aleli went to Kapitolyo in search of Rub Ribs (our definition of late-night snack). We were unable to find the blasted restaurant – plus the two of them were wearing heels, so walking was out of the question, damn, I hate girls – so we ended up in Poco Deli instead. Upon first glance, I thought it was just a door flanked by plants and propped against a wall (hahaha), so when I found an actual restaurant inside, imagine my surprise.

Emily Rose (left) and Aleli (right)
I faked perusing the menu even if I already know what I was going to order—my office friend’s recommendation, the Bacon Slabs. I only did this to piss off the waiter, who upon our entry told us that the private room was already closed because it was past 9pm, and then proceeded to usher in an annoyingly noisy family shouting ridiculously cheerful HAPPY BIRTHDAYS. I don’t care if that was the owner’s family; the waiter could’ve said it was reserved, we would’ve understood. I hate being made to look like an idiot.

wine and deli meat selection
Anyway, our orders came after about half an hour of waiting. At first look, I found the serving too small: two slabs of bacon, sunny side-up eggs, bacon rice, and a side salad. It was only when I began eating that I realized it was actually one hefty meal. By three-quarters of my first slab, I was already starting to feel full.

The bacon slab portion was incredibly generous, a real delight to any carnivore. It wasn’t too salty, but rather you can taste a slight smokiness—which I like. The subtlety of its flavor could fool you into believing you were eating something totally healthy, LOL! I loved the thick cut, not like the thinly-sliced, fat-laden, crispy strips you would get anywhere else.

I found the idea of drizzling fried rice with bacon bits overpowering to the palate, so what I did was chop my eggs and mix them up. Haha! Fortunately, there was the salad to balance the flavor.

For dessert, we had Poco Deli’s signature Blackout Cake—two layers of moist chocolate cake, topped with Belgian chocolate with a caramel layer center. The caramel filling added a delightful surprise to the already delicious cake, while the chocolate chip toppings “roughed it up” a bit—in a good way.

The cake was neither too soft nor too sweet; it was perfect! Definitely one of the best cakes I have ever tasted.

While eating, I learned that Poco Deli makes all their products in-house, and I find that amazing. I found a selection of German sausages that I would like to try next time—are they better than Wursty Wursty’s? On my next visit, I’ll order a sausage platter and get a bottle of wine!

In general my Poco Deli experience was a pleasant one (except for the lying waiter). I liked the rustic, ambience—it had that country feel in it—and unquestionably, the food (will try more items next time). A minor irk for me was that the place was too small, had I been a claustrophobe, I would’ve died. Is the Ayala Triangle branch a lot bigger?

Still, it’s an interesting restaurant that I would definitely revisit, so until my next midnight meat craving!

Poco Deli
#21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City 
(02) 477-4332

What's your favorite dish at Poco Deli? Share your recommendations on the comments section below!

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  1. Whew! That is one hell of a bacon...I am sorry for my French but it looks so delicious. Yummyness!

  2. wooww nice i want to try the blackout cake


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