A Slice of New York from L.E.S. Bagels

Unknown to many, I’m such a sucker for legal drama TV series -- Suits being one of my favorites. The show gives me an unlimited supply of ways to respond to people’s remarks in the bitchiest way possible, and because of TV programs like this, I’ve always wanted to go to the US, specifically New York. Why? Just so I could dress up in crisp three-piece suits and look like I just stepped out of a page from GQ, perhaps a cup of coffee and a sandwich in hand, while I rush for work. In reality though, I take the train along with millions of commuters every day, so fuck my life, let me get back to my DVD marathon. Haha!

Anyway, what this intro has got to do with the rest of this post is that today I discovered a new place in McKinley Hill called L.E.S. Bagels (L.E.S. stands for Lower East Side). It’s one of the latest additions to the restaurant bunch at Tuscany Estates, a New York-style grab-and-go deli and bakery specializing in … bagels. Along with these goodies, they offer a medley of cream cheese-based spreads, coffee, and other baked merchandise. I was hesitant at first since my experience with bagels is limited to those sold by Country Style Donuts (which are totally bland and hard as rock) but I told myself to go ahead and try. Upon entering the store I felt like I got transported into an episode of my favorite TV show for a while.

(Digression: I’ve always imagined myself in immaculate corporate get-ups but somehow my lifestyle won’t let me live that dream. Although strictly formal is required at the office, the fact that I commute to work via train, FX, and shuttle means I must dress down a bit for two reasons: weather constraints and holdaper presence. In addition, I go to dance practice after work so imagine sporting a fashionable blazer while carrying a gym bag. Sucks, right?)

L.E.S. Bagels sits beside Main Street, another small yet cozy and classy spot in Tuscany. I was with my perpetually-hungry officemates so naturally we decided to get one bagel each, also so we could share and try different varieties. We also bought three types of spreads by the tub, instead of getting one bagel-and-spread sandwich each, because that would be the cheaper option.

For the bagels, we picked the plain, salt, garlic, Pumpernickel, Black Russian, and sesame variants. We had them toasted so that the exterior would have more crispness in it. I loved how the outside crisp contrasted with the soft, chewy interior.
Pumpernickel, garlic, sesame, I forgot, another one I forgot, Black Russian, salt
For the spreads, we had the Sun-dried Tomato and Basil (my eternal choice), Garlic and Chive, and the Lox (salmon). There were lots of flavors to choose from, but we limited to ourselves to three (hate it).

clockwise from top: Lox, Garlic and Chive, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil

I couldn’t decide which between the Lox and Sun-dried Tomato and Basil was better. One thing is for sure though, they both tasted awesome. I loved the generous amount of salmon bits on the Lox spread—as it should be, since a small container cost us P240! On the other hand the Sun-dried Tomato and Basil spread was so flavorful that if my mouth had compartments in it for food that I could summon whenever I feel like it, I would pack this spread in it with no hesitation! (I’m sorry, my imagination’s kinda twisted and gross, hahaha!)

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil cream cheese
The spreads we tried are all so good, I swear, I would be coming back to try the others.

A couple of things that turned me off: no servers were available from the dining area upstairs—which by the way, had only 3 tables. We had to go down several times to ask for extra utensils and table napkin. Given the tiny space occupied by L.E.S. Bagels, I guess the place was really designed for takeaways.
decors from the second level/mezzanine

In addition, since they make their products fresh daily, they run out of supplies fast: some bagel types and spreads were already out of stock by mid-afternoon. They even ran out of milk!

In spite of those shortcomings though, our team merienda was such a delightful one that I’m already planning a visit back to L.E.S. Bagels. I can’t wait to try the Bacon and Cheddar spread, as well as the Jalapeno Cheddar. Maybe I’ll try the Everything bagel too (a mix of all types) and sample a few of their sweets.

Also, maybe I would order a sandwich to-go, then walk down Tuscany and rush back to office while munching on my snack on the street because I’m such a busy and important person and because I can since I’m as dapper and smart as Harvey Specter.

L.E.S. Bagels
Tuscany Estates
Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
(02) 804-0423

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  2. Wow! those are so tempting. Bring some of those when you get back here in Cebu...please??? =D

    The Exaggerated Zeal

    1. Haha nooo, come to Manila instead. :p

    2. If only Manila is just a thirty minute drive, I will definitely go but it's too far and I don't have so many friends there where I can stay. Just let me know when you're coming back to Cebu, I'll pay you. Just bring some for me please hehehehe =)

  3. Thank you for dropping by L.E.S Bagels and glad you liked it! Hurry back soon! -Kat

    1. I already did and will come again soon! I just work in McKinley Hill. Haha. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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