Quarantine Eats: Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
When it comes to food purveyors and online sellers, we are pretty much spoiled for choice. Simply scroll down your Facebook or Instagram feed and you will find somebody selling you food. The fact is, with the seemingly endless choices, it can be quite hard to sift through all of them—to determine which ones are worth trying, which ones are worth our hard-earned money. We are living in challenging times, and as much as businesses need to stand up and recover, they need to stand OUT as well—and we consumers need to be wise with our purchasing decisions.

Below, I have listed down some of the small businesses, online sellers, delivery services, and purveyors whose products I have personally tried and loved. With the crisis still looming above us, we don’t know yet when going out and enjoying a meal will be completely safe again—but thankfully, nowadays we can get anything online. This list contains sellers of ready-to-cook/reheatable/frozen meals, and it shall be continuously updated as I try more products in the coming days.

1 | Auntie Arnie’s

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
Everyone has that auntie—the one blessed with cooking skills, who delights everyone during reunions and knows all the family recipes. This was the idea behind Auntie Arnie’s—a purveyor of fully-cooked, blast-frozen, reheatable “potluck packs” ranging from Filipino favorites like adobo, chicken barbecue (so good!), and laing (my personal favorite from their collection) to Spanish dishes like callos and paella. One of their best sellers, the Orange Peel Chicken, is another must-try—I am normally not a fan of orange chicken but their version had me totally hooked. Each box is good for 2-3 servings, and the prices are reasonable, starting at PhP195. Best of all, they can last in the freezer up to 6 months!

Where to buy: click here

2 | JAM Foods

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
For packed, marinated, and ready-to-cook premium beef, get your supply from JAM Foods. From delicious Angus tapa that you can top on noodles or pair with garlic fried rice or kimchi rice (this is how I love eating it) and luscious beef cubes perfect for salpicao, to steaks, burgers, and lean cuts for that yummy bistek—no product from JAM Foods fails to satisfy your meat cravings. Chef John Cu-Unjieng is behind this concept, and he occasionally offers food trays too—specialties include Angus Korean Beef Stew, Old-Fashioned Callos, and Thanh Long Crabs!

Message +639175331371 to order.

3 | Les Aunor’s Meatshop

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals

Located in Farmer’s Market in Cubao, Les Aunor’s has been my go-to for my supply of pork and chicken since the ECQ started. They deliver meats straight to your house with just 1 day lead time. In addition, they also offer homemade products like tocino and longganisa—and I must say that I am currently addicted to their longganisa! The Longganisa Hamonado is juicy, meaty, and of the right sweetness—not cloying and overwhelming like those of other brands. If you love garlicky sausages, get the Vigan Longganisa which is another favorite in our house. 

Order through Facebook:: Les Aunor’s Meatshop

4 | Yogi Brunch

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
An advocate of all-natural ingredients and vegan-friendly ideas, Yogi Brunch is an online seller that offers delicious bottled gourmet fish, vegan salsas and dips, and premium spreads. I am in love with their Kaffir Garlic Tinapa which is good with EVERYTHING—with breads, with crackers, with rice, on pasta, everything! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I love cilantro, and needless to say, I am obsessed with Yogi’s Cilantro and Apple Salsa. I consumed it so fast, you would think that it was a drink. LOL!

Check out their Instagram: @yogibrunchph

5 | The Butchery

photo credit: The Butchery

If you love sausages, then you must have heard of The Butchery in Quezon City. This food purveyor sells artisanal sausages that are not only tasty but also healthy. Moreover, they source their ingredients from organic farms, aiding in the livelihood of local farmers in the process. The flavor choices will definitely intrigue you: they have Mint and Tarragon sausages that are to-die-for, as well as Red Wine and Rosemary, Fennel, and Chicken Kashmiri Masala, to name a few. They are all sooo good and it’s hard choosing a favorite. Aside from sausages, they have expanded their product line to include nuggets, sauces, whole spring chickens, and many more!

Email thebutcherysausage@gmail.com or message +639177955005 to order.

6 | Bao Asian Treasures

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
Bao Asian Treasures is known for their take on healthy siomai, but I can’t promise to be totally healthy while eating their products—they are so delicious and perfect with mountains of rice! HAHAHA. They make siomai with no extenders nor food coloring—it’s all meat, seafood, and mushrooms. My absolute favorite is the Black Truffle Pork Siomai—each bite is meaty, juicy, filling, and a little bit luxurious. It comes in a box of 15 pieces, with some soy sauce and garlic chili as well. Perfect as a snack, or, just like how I do it, with steamed white rice. 

Order through Facebook: Bao Asian Treasures

7 | Titallennials 

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
And while we’re on the subject of dim sum, let me tell you my recent discovery: Mango-Shrimp Rolls from this grocery/seller called Titallennials. They sell all your Chinese/Asian favorites, from frozen dim sum, meats, and reheatable food packs, to condiments and instant noodles. The Mango-Shrimp Rolls are incredibly good—each bite had me hankering for more. Fry them, make some sweet chili sauce, and you’re good to go. I also got some Singaporean noodles from them, like Koka Braised Duck Purple Wheat soup noodles and their classic Mie Goreng!

Message +639209274177 to order.

8 | Commissary Kitchen

 Online Sellers and Food Purveyors Selling Ready-to-Cook Meals
For simple and homey Filipino dishes, hit up Commissary Kitchen. Their slow-cooked and frozen meals were especially designed for busy people—simply pop them into the microwave or heat them up on the pan, and you’re good to go. The menu includes comforting dishes like Adobo, Binagoongan, Chicken Pastel, and Beef Kare-Kare (this comes with bagoong that was slightly sweeter than I would’ve liked, but which complimented their kare-kare really well). Each meal pack is about 130 to 150 grams and is good for 1 person. Prices are great too, starting at PhP55 per pack! They last in the fridge up to 6 months, so feel free to stock up.

Order through Facebook:: Commissary Kitchen

9 | 8 Spoons Party Trays

8 Spoons Party Trays
A tried-and-tested catering company would know what pleases the general public's collective taste buds—do you agree? Such is the case of 8 Spoons Party Trays, a Quezon City based caterer which is now offering frozen food for home consumption. I loved their Chicken Sisig, which was studded with chilies that really fired out my mouth and appetite. I believe it is pre-grilled too, so there's that smokiness with every bite. If you're having a celebration at home, they are still offering food trays and set meals.

Order through Instagram: @8spoonspartytrays

10 | FrozenMNL

I’ve been using this delivery service for quite some time now. When they launched, they only offered chicken, pork, beef, and seafood, but they eventually expanded to include more products from some well-known food brands. Some of the goods they have in their arsenal include Eat Fresh’s laksa kit and dim sum; Bizu’s tapa and tocino; and Kitchen City’s reheatable meals (good for 3-4 people). And well, what is “frozen” in your name for if you don’t sell ice cream? They have Merry Moo products and Tiger Sugar’s boba ice cream bars as well—these are incredible and, do I dare say it, better than the drink version. LOL.

Order from their website: www.frozenmnl.com

11 | The Brown Bag Bacoor

For South peeps looking for their supply of delicious tapa and longganisa, make-at-home ramen kits, and other frozen items, hit up The Brown Bag Bacoor. This food delivery service carries Rosa Manila, which is known for preservative-free, high-quality meats. Try the sirloin tapa and enjoy it for breakfast with eggs and fried rice, or use it up for your usual lunch and dinner viands—such as Chinese-style beef broccoli! Satisfy your longganisa cravings with their selection of garlic, sweet, and spicy sausages. While you’re at it, add some sinamak vinegar to your cart too.

Have you tried ordering from these sellers? Which other providers can you recommend?

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