5 Affordable Restaurants That Can (Surprisingly!) Help You Shed Body Fat

In today's guest post, diet coach Chris Graham shares some tips on how to lose weight while still eating out.

Eating out while trying to lose those love-handles is always difficult. Even though restaurants usually have salad options, those dishes can sometimes be unsatisfying. So where can one eat to counteract our sinful indulgences? 

I eat out often and have run into this problem countless times. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of fat-loss-friendly restaurants that I go back to whenever I’m looking for a delicious meal but also trying to lose weight.

Note: these restaurant choices may seem controversial at first, and that is because these choices were made for low-carb diets such as the LCHF diet, Slow Carb diet, and the Paleo lifestyle. A different article is necessary to show the effectiveness of these eating regimens but it is important to state that based on several recent scientific studies as well as my own experiences, the experiences of my clients, and of thousands of people around the world, these diets have shown themselves to be very effective eating programs for fat-loss while ensuring that you eat until you are satisfied (often there is no calorie counting with these regimens).

Also, low-carb diets are beneficial to our health not only because they fight obesity, but also because they have been found to be good for managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and even heart health. If you’re interested about how to effectively lose weight, you can check out my website here.

1 | Senor Pollo

This Mexican restaurant is one of my favorites. You can order a half chicken with two sides for only PhP355. That’s PhP177.50 per person if you split that in two! For sides, stay away from the rice and order their coleslaw or tossed salad. If you’re one who does strength training or a lot of physical activity, they have a sweet potato mash if you need some higher quality carbohydrates.

I go here often with my brother to share a half or whole chicken (we have huge appetites) along with some coleslaw and Colombian beans. The protein and fat content of the meal fills us up nicely and the coleslaw and beans give us a good amount of fiber. With this meal, we’re free of net carbs, making it easier for our body to burn it’s own fat for the rest of the day.

2 | Uncle Moe's

You and your friends probably see this restaurant as a drinking place, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can enjoy some satisfying grub from Uncle Moe’s while trying to lose some pounds. 

I found out that you can order their shawarmas open-faced instead of wrapped. That means you can have all the Mediterranean goodness inside without the refined carbohydrates in the pita bread. That means you can get a very hearty and filling salad for as low as PhP119. Just order their shawarma open-faced and don’t eat the pita bread.

My favorite meal from Uncle Moe’s is their Chicken Shawarma (open-faced) with an extra order of Beef Kebab. I don’t eat the Pita bread and save it for a cheat meal. This is a very filling protein-heavy salad. 

3 | Rub Ribs

The ribs from this place are delicious. The meat falls of the bone, the sauce isn’t too sweet, and the servings are huge. You’ll get a great serving of ribs and sides for PhP200 each if you split the Super Duo. 

I strongly suggest ordering their BBQ Ribs (of course) and choose either the coleslaw or garlic spinach and mushroom as your sides. Unlike most rib places, the sauce isn’t too sweet, which means you’ll have less sugar in your meal, which means you’ll get less of an insulin spike when you eat – which is favorable for fat loss.

4 | Snackaroo

Who doesn’t love steak? One of the best consolations of being on a low-carbohydrate diet is that even though one has to let go of eating donuts and ice cream, you can have steak—and it’s not hard to have as much steak as you like if places like Snackaroo offer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks at PhP160 each!

Before you get too excited, please don’t forget to skip the rice. White rice is a refined carbohydrate that generally gives a stronger insulin response from the higher spike in blood sugar levels, so it’s important to skip the rice if you want to lose weight. Note that the steaks are big servings, so you may want to share the steak if you usually don’t have a big appetite.

5 | Tokyu 

I love Japanese food, and I’m thrilled I don’t have to give it up when I want to lose weight. Sashimi is a great source of healthy fats and proteins, which will keep you full for a long time. This Japanese restaurant isn’t the fanciest of places, but this list is for those who are on a budget, and Tokyu is one of the most affordable places for some pretty good sashimi.

I suggest you order any of the sashimi—tuna, salmon, uni, or tamago. I usually share the following combination with my wife: salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, and some cooked meat like chicken teppanyaki. They usually come with side salads too, which will add some fiber (and more texture) to your meal.

Generally with these choices, you’ll be able to decrease your intake of “bad carbohydrates”. The decrease in sugars and starches in your diet will keep your blood sugar levels in control, which can (if you stay consistent) eventually lead to you letting go of those fats!

But aside from knowing what to eat, there’s a lot more to losing weight. Consistency is a requirement. I made this 3-Step Guidebook to help set up the right mindset so that your weight-loss efforts aren’t put to waste. To get the guide, click here.


Chris Graham is a diet coach who wants to teach busy people how to lose weight effectively. He makes awesome sandwiches and blogs at The Body Lab.

Do you also struggle with eating out a lot? Have troubles losing weight? Share your stories below!

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