Pepe's Birthday Giveaway #3: Win 3 Detox Packs from Detoxify Bar!

Hi guys! As you might have probably guessed (if you follow this blog), I’m kind of … schizophrenic. One day I’m craving for beer and would guzzle bottles and bottles of it, and the next day, I’m so committed to fresh juices. Basically, my health is at the center of two warring, opposing ideas: on my left, the devil speaks, tempting me to finish all alcohol within reach; on my right, the angel whispering on my ear, urging me to change my lifestyle. Most of the time, the left side wins, but it’s a good thing that there are strong advocates on the right side that sometimes manages to pull me over in this eternal tug of war. Can you relate to the struggle?

Curiosity led me to the doors of Detoxify Bar one year ago, when it opened in McKinley Hill. The sexy packaging, the lively mood of the place got me into buying my first detox drink—a Red Vegan, I clearly remembered (which I consumed with some herbed chicken, hehehe). Since then, I got kind of "obsessed" with the drink, not only because it was delicious but because it had really nice instant effects on my body—clarity of mind, good sleep, non-sluggish mornings. So despite the fact that I found it a bit pricey, I went back. Several times more.

I loved also the fact that you can drink these juices—or replace one meal with it, usually dinner—without feeling weak and sorry for yourself. I think it’s primarily because it’s delicious! And because it’s pure organic veggies, no water, no sugar. You can actually consume juice all day (no solid food) even if you work out—or dance like I do—with their Active Cleanse. People who are overworked and not well-rested can get the Night Owl Cleanse, while those who want to keep their skin looking like a movie star’s can opt for the Skin & Mind Clarity Cleanse. Of course, if it’s complete organ detoxification you’re looking for, there’s the Ultimate Cleanse.

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Now, since it’s my birthday month, I want YOU to experience Detoxify Bar’s awesome juices as well! The restaurant was generous enough to give me 3 DETOX PACKS and I’m giving them out to you! Yes, I’m serious! All you have to do is follow the instructions below, for you to win 1 DETOX PACK of your choice, redeemable from any of Detoxify Bar’s branches (Eastwood, McKinley Hill, Westgate Alabang, Shangrila Mall). Excited? OK, here you go!

Each Detox Pack (worth PhP1,350) has:
  • 5 freshly-made juices
  • 1 organic Detox tea
  • 1 organic Smooth Move tea
  • 1 thermal bag
  • a Detox Guide

How to Win a Detox Pack:

  1. In the comments section below, tell us which Detox Pack (Active Cleanse, Night Owl Cleanse, Skin & Mind Clarity Cleanse, and Ultimate Cleanse) you feel is the best for you, and WHY.
  2. Share this post on Facebook with the hashtags #PepesBirthdayGiveaway and #DetoxifyBar.
  3. Like Detoxify Bar on Facebook.

Who are Qualified:

  1. Anyone living in NCR.
  2. Anyone who has completed ALL three steps above.
  3. Anyone with a Facebook account.

3 winners shall be selected out of all the participants.

Winners will be announced/contacted via Facebook or email on: 2 June 2015

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[UPDATE 06/03/2015] WINNERS:

Here are the winners of my Detoxify Bar giveaway:

  1. Louise Reyes
  2. Cedric Claude Argulla
  3. Lara Leones

Please check your Facebook for instructions on how to claim. Congratulations to those who won and to those who didn't, I still have other giveaways you can join. :) Thank you everyone for participating!

Detoxify Bar
Budget: PhP220/drink; PhP300 up for food

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  1. Yay, ultimate cleanse please! Happy birthday Pat! :)

  2. At this very young age, being health conscious will have me something to thank for in the near future. I would love to win the ULTIMATE CLEANSE DETOX PACK 😁 I never had the time to detoxify. I guess today is the right time 👍🏻

  3. I'll go for the Skin & Mind Clarity Cleanse because I am really into skin care and I cover every experience on how to deal with good skin care on my blog. Also, it's my birthday on the 1st and I need to have good skin on that week since I'm meeting a lot of friends. plus it's start of the school year and I want to leave a good impression to my new students! :)

  4. I really need a Skin & Mind Clarity Cleanse because my kutis is artistahin. #DetoxifyPaMore #ToxinsHaveInvadedMyBrainCells

  5. I need is the Night Owl Cleanse :) i have been working in a clinical process outsourcing for almost 3 years (graveyard shift) ...which means i never had a good rest since then :( sleeping in the daylight is not as restful as sleeping at night. I need this night owl cleanse to bring back the energy that are not being renewed by sleeping in daylight and being awake all night for 2 year :)) thanks pepe and have a happy birthday !!

  6. I think the best one for me, as a woman working in the corporate world, is the SKIN AND MIND CLARITY CLEANSE. I want to look great and at the same time perform my best at work! :)

  7. The ultimate cleanse would be perfect for me! I haven't been really healthy on my food choices, I need the ultimate detox!

  8. I think the Ultimate cleanse is the one for me. I work most of the time and have no exercise and eat practically anything I want. Now that detoxify juice/drinks are available in the market I want to live a healthy lifestyle and start by drinking healthy Cleansing juices.

  9. I want the SKIN & MIND CLARITY CLEANSE because it has a cleanse combination addressed to mind and stress related toxins. I'd been so stressed at work lately and I think this might helps me feel better inside and out. As it also have micronutrients and anti-oxidants that can help to improve mental clarity and focus which I really need since I am working and pursuing a certificate while drinking this bottles it also makes my skin glow as it helps rejuvenate the dermis and aids in the skin’s natural detoxification. Love it!

    Shared post:

  10. Active Cleanse is best for me because I love the outdoors. I love to climb mountains and to travel.

  11. CedricClaude Cruz ArgullaMay 27, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    I want the ultimate cleanse 😀 this is best for me coz i dont have a time to workout.

  12. It's the Ultimate Cleanse for me! This could be a good start to reboot my body and lifestyle. I haven't been really keen on taking care of my body for the past years in college. Now that I'm graduating this June, I'm excited to have a lifestyle change! I hope I get the chance to try this detox kit myself since you made it sound really awesome!

  13. i think the active cleanse detox pack is best for me, since i love to eat and try different food this would be the best thing for me


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