The Alcoholic Traveler's Guide to Staying Drunk All Throughout Your Boracay Holiday

Anyone can come up with a definition for “paradise”—and I think that in Boracay, all of those versions, no matter how diverse, are true. Summer hideaway? Check. Party central? No doubt about it! A place for making new friends? You bet. Boracay has everything, a little bit of something for everyone, and that’s probably why, despite a lot of comments that the place has become so commercialized nowadays, people still flock back like junkies who are thirsty for their supply.

For the 100th time I will say that my personal definition gravitates more towards the latter two—so allow me to feel like an expert today and show you around Boracay’s party scene. You don’t really have to believe me though—after all, I was drunk for 4 out of 4 nights in the island (wink, wink).

If not for the photos, I wouldn't have remembered any of these things.

Where to Stay

If you’re the type of traveler who isn’t fussy with accommodation—by this I mean you tend to stay away from luxury hotels—then you can get by with any of the budget hotels in Stations 2 and 3. I recommend Isla Gecko Resort in Station 2—about 5 minutes from D’Mall, a hop away from D’Talipapa, and a short walk (longer when you’re drunk) from Club Summer Place. It wasn’t beachfront, but the neighborhood was pretty quiet and safe; the rooms were clean and spacious, with functional air-conditioning, a TV (who needs a fucking TV?!), and a nice bathroom (with a heater and a bidet). You see, for me, as long as I can stretch my legs comfortably, the sheets aren’t itchy, the bathroom is decent, and the room is well-ventilated, I’m happy.

More affordable places are in Station 3, where most foreigners choose to be because they stay for weeks (even months ... damn, I envy these guys). Near Station 1, there’s Frendz Resort, a popular hotel for backpackers.

Left and top right: Isla Gecko; bottom right: Frendz Resort
A 4-star (or higher) hotel is nice, but trust me, you won’t be there most of the time. But if you insist on having a totally peaceful and secluded stay in Boracay, stay in Station 1. Any of the luxury hotels (Shangrila, Two Seasons) will be perfect if you have the budget; however, a couple of more affordable designer hotels like Zuzuni have also opened in Boracay. The downside of checking in these hotels in Station 1 is that you have to walk back very far after partying at night.


For the ultimate peace and quiet that's still very near the party central, check out Henann Lagoon Resort in Station 2. It's ideal for tourists who would prefer having an accessible retreat just a couple of steps away from the beachfront and the rowdy bars lined along.

For the more practical guys: remember, though, that money saved from downgrading your accommodation a bit can be spent for something else, you know, like booze.

Isla Gecko
Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island
(036) 288.6797
Official Website:
Facebook: IslaGecko

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel
Station 1 (near Astoria), White Beach, Boracay
+63917.324.9051 or +6336.288.4477

Henann Lagoon Resort
Station 2, White Beach, Boracay
Boracay office: +6336.288.2828 to 32 |
Manila office: +632.353.7777 |

Where to Drink

For the unstoppable alcoholic, “paradise” has an entirely different meaning when you’re in Boracay. While others notice the tree-lined shore, I see past them and lock eyes with the strip of bars instead. From reggae bars, to shady spots reminiscent of Central BBQ Boy, to classier dance clubs where you can go all-out and get wasted however you want, Boracay has something for you.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said I could never survive a vacation without alcohol, but worry not because I did remember to be a diligent blogger and take note of some of the best spots to drink in the island:

1. Bom Bom Bar

Perfect for: chilling in front of the beach and watching the sunset with a cold bottle of beer

Bom Bom was one of my instant favorites in Boracay. Aside from the obvious reason that they sell beer at PhP70 (buy-one-take-one) during happy hour (2-8PM), I also love the fact that the bar has outdoor seats and lounges facing the beach. Other bars do too—but they either have heavy chairs or monoblocks. In Bom Bom, you can stay in their comfy alfresco area as long as you order something—in my case, one beer after the other, without stopping, until the glorious sunset comes. At night, the place transforms into an acoustic bar, with a live band regaling guests with mellow songs.

What to try: cheese sticks, burgers, fresh fruit shakes, and jamming with the band!
Location: Station 2, beachfront (near Crazy Crepes)

2. Exit Bar

Perfect for: buying the cheapest beer in Boracay

With local beers sold at PhP50 each, you can’t go wrong with Exit Bar. If you’re the type who can sit happily as long as you have a bottle of Red Horse or Pale Pilsen, then this is the spot for you. Foreigners, guys in dreadlocks, and tattooed bodies populate the place—which resembles a big nipa hut transformed into a bar, by the way. Music is mostly reggae (and Latin), so don’t expect a rowdy crowd but rather, a chill vibe. And while you’re here, why don’t you challenge the regulars to some billiards?

What to try: hmmm.. aside from beer, you mean? What about getting a tattoo from the resident tattoo artist?
Location: Station 2, beachfront

3. Club Summer Place

Henna and mangoes? No. This building transforms into a party place at night.
Perfect for: getting wasted until morning and meeting new people

If there’s such a thing as an official last stop, then Club Summer Place is IT. Open as late (or early, depending on your point of view, LOL) as 5AM, the tugsh-tugsh spot caters to the dance-loving party animals of Boracay. Just like a typical club, cocktail tables, long tables, and bar seats are available; in the center, an elevated stage for the more drunk confident partygoer. Despite the beerhouse-like ambience it exudes, it has good music, potent drinks (their Rum Coke is nasty), and enough space to sweat it out—no wonder I went here every night.

What to try: dancing in the middle of the stage, the Rum Coke (PhP100) with tastes like 2/3 rum and 1/3 Coke, and the “non-pay” comfort room, LOL
Tips: The nearby stall sells AWESOME shawarma. Arrive early (11PM/12AM) because they seem to be randomly deciding to have door charge when the place starts to become crowded.
Location: Station 2, beachfront (near Club Manila East)

4. Wave Bar & Lounge and Epic

Perfect for: partying as if you’re in Manila

These two bars are the closest you can get to URBN or Aracama. Both are more posh than others and offer decent food, aside from poisonous drinks. You have to pay a door charge too, just like in Manila. I went to these bars during the Boracay Pub Crawl, and honestly I don’t remember much (hahaha) except that they have really great dance music. If you don’t mind paying a bit more (BGC-levels) for drinks and ambience, then I suggest trying them even once.

What to try: remembering where the bathroom was … oh sorry, this one’s for me
Wave Bar & Lounge: Boracay Regency Beach Resort & Spa, Station 2 (full review: click here)
Epic: Block 5, D'Mall, Station 2

5. Area 51


Perfect for: getting lost and meeting strangers

A very spacious, incredibly dark, underground party place off Bulabog highway. What I love about it: great crowd, cool music, and the underground feel! What I don't like about it: too far from the beach and the fact that it's only open during full moons. The crowd is composed mainly of foreigners (probably because their hostels are nearby). Cheap beer, but charges for entrance (PhP200). However, if you really feel like getting wasted and embracing the island party vibe, this is the place to check out.

What to try: finding where your friends are after you went to the CR
Location: Lugutan Beach (south of Bulabog), Boracay (to get there, just take a tricycle from Station 2)

Where to Eat

Being eternally drunk saves you one meal per day—breakfast—because you are either too hung over to get up early or too boozed up to eat, so drinking is actually a great way to save money you would’ve wasted on food. LOL! Kidding aside, food is not something anyone should scrimp on. However, from the number of restaurants I tried in Boracay, only a few really stood out in terms of food quality. Two of these are ribs place (didn’t include the other one here though—but if you’re curious, it’s The Original Hawaiian BBQ in Station 1), so I guess Boracay = BBQ. Fill yourself up before you drink so you won’t end up being smashed early!

1. I Love Backyard BBQ

I normally don’t like trying restaurants more than once especially if there are so many options, but this place was just irresistible. You’ve got to try their Babyback Ribs, which was huge and delicious. The sweet-tangy sauce, I could drink and be contented. They have these nice Potato Skins served with a cayenne aioli; Bacon Skewers; and a Sizzling Garlic Chicken which can make you eat past your normal rice limit.

Location: D'Mall, Station 2
Budget: PhP300/head and up
Check it out on Trip Advisor: I Love Backyard BBQ

2. Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

Of course, I wouldn’t let my Boracay trip end without trying the famous milkshake shop. While the service was slow and confused, the milkshakes were indeed delicious. Everything was pureed perfectly, you’d think there weren’t any ice in there. They also serve some yummy noodle dishes like Pancit Canton, which at PhP200, had plenty enough to be shared by three.

Location: Balabag, Station 2 (along the highway)
Budget: PhP200/head and up
Check it out on Trip Advisor: Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

3. Star Lounge at The District

For the drunken folks or Boracay, the Star Lounge at The District offers a sumptuous brunch buffet spread (PhP550++) in case you missed the breakfast in your own hotel. Available from 10AM to 1PM, the buffet features a bread station, salad station, sandwich station, a variety of hot dishes (ribs, beef stews), waffles, pancakes, make-your-own pasta, cereals, fruits, and desserts. At night, Star Lounge transforms into a snazzy place for dinner; try their grilled set dinner which allows you to order a protein of your choice (rib eye, salmon, etc.) paired with a soup, salad, and side.


Location: The District, Station 1 (beachfront)
Budget: PhP550/head and up

What to Do a.k.a. How to Get Smashed

1. Boracay Pub Crawl

If you want to get drunk, you’ve got to drink, right? Moreover, you’ve got to be forced to drink! By “forced” I don’t mean people threatening you if you don’t take your shot—what I meant instead was being in such a fun, rowdy party you wouldn’t even notice you’re already past your alcohol threshold and you’re buying more beers than you could afford and all. Boracay Pub Crawl is the perfect gateway to the Boracay party scene—imagine a group of 50+ people gathered together, wearing sunny shirts, playing drinking and get-to-know-you games, hopping in and out of 5 bars, and ending up being friends with each other. Try it so you know what I mean.

Boracay Pub Crawl
Facebook: BoracayPubCrawl

2. Relax by the Beach During Happy Hour

Grab a seat in front of any bar with an alfresco set up, order beers, and guzzle on them as you wait for the sunset. Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen—different from other beaches because taking a picture of it doesn’t result in just the water, the sky, and the sun. Here, you can view a lot of different sunset scenes.

Drink a bottle with some chips, or with a paperback in hand, on the lounge or in the sand—nobody would really care and nobody would bother you. Yes, I think this is what they mean by Boracay being the top spot for relaxation.

Fuel up! The night is long! 

3. Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB)

Not inside the bars though, or you would get charged corkage, but rather on the shore! Most beaches and resorts I’ve been to prohibit drinking near the water after dark, but Boracay does not! Perfect right?
My German friend Christina getting buried under the sand after a few shots of tequila. :p
So lay down your beach blanket, and listen to the gentle crashing of the waves as you pass around that tequila shot. No lemons? No worries! Supermarkets are just nearby. No salt? Wait for a balut vendor and buy some eggs—voila, instant salt supply! Just remember to be super friendly with the vendor. Men selling nuts, chicharon, and other stuff are just around, so you won’t have a shortage of pulutan.

I tell you, it’s more fun drinking under the open night sky and gaze at the sea and stars.

There you have it. Boracay for the alcoholic. Honestly, if you’re as adventurous and open-minded as I think I am, you don’t really need a guide like this—all it takes is gut feeling and a natural inclination to places which look like, feel like, sound like, and reek of booze. But for the first-timer who wants to try something new, or for the returning tourists who didn’t have a chance to do this because their first time was with their families, yes, this guide is for you.

What's your favorite activity in Boracay?

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