Cafe Shibuya: Dessert Toasts and More!

After a hearty dinner at The Primary in UP Town Center, my friend Kat and I were still craving for dessert so we ambled around the mall to check out other restaurants. Incidentally, I have been meaning to visit Café Shibuya -- the much-raved about toast place in UPTC, so naturally I had to drag Kat there!

If you read my previous post about The Primary Kitchen and Bar, you would know that this food trip is a “joint promise” between Kat and I to see each other more often by bingeing out once a month. The original plan was to take turns choosing one restaurant, but that night we were incredibly happy and so excited with each other that we had to make the night longer! Extending our hang out time seemed like the best idea we ever had—Café Shibuya was awesome!

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It’s hard not to be attracted to its cheerful and perky surroundings. Vintage doodles and writings on the walls, cute little chairs that make you feel like you’re thrown back to your kindergarten days, an open kitchen with quirky decors—the multi-colored rolling pins below, for instance. Café Shibuya’s ambience was certainly unique and uplifting!

I agree!!!

"Good morning teacher!" Hahaha.

I seriously asked the server if I could take one home. LOL

Side note: the Japanese have this certain kind of reverence to their dishes that some people couldn’t understand, myself included (in the past, at least). Non-fans couldn’t get it why things like ramen, sushi, and well, Shibuya toast, are placed on pedestals. The only way to appreciate is to take a peek into the level of dedication they put into perfecting these mundane things. It’s like appreciating the difference between two sinigang broths, one natural and the other utilizing a packet of Knorr mix. And yes, I might sound snobby after uttering the next words (I don’t mean to be, but for clarity’s sake I had to)—but yeah, it’s hard to appreciate fussy Japanese food when all you’ve been exposed to is Tokyo Tokyo.

Going back to Café Shibuya. This toast… damn. Served with honey syrup, the Original Shibuya Honey Toast is topped with a layer of butter and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. On the side is some nutty whipped cream I wanted to lick clean. Crunchy on the outside, almost cottony on the inside. I was in bread heaven!

How can a simple piece of bread taste this good? My mind is on a whirl! I’m completely dumbfounded! I can buy my own loaf, butter, honey, and ice cream and replicate this at home but the quality will never be like this!

Original Shibuya Honey Toast - Baby size. (Available in two sizes: baby - P145, regular - P175)

While I ran amuck because of this toast, my friend Kat communed with her Chocolate Lava Cake. Imagine my horror when, while demolishing my toast, I noticed that Kat has already finished half of her dessert! How was I supposed to blog about this when all that’s left was this chocolate-y mess? My blogging career is over!

The Lava Cake was served warm, and the Belgian dark chocolate oozing out when you slice into it paired really nice with the side ice cream. Kat declared it as an instant favorite. I liked it as well, but loved the Honey Toast more!

Chocolate Lava Cake, P175 (Photo credit: Cafe Shibuya's Facebook page)

I’m not exactly a diabetes enthusiast, but I had to order this Ghirardelli Premium Dark Chocolate Latte. Hello, it’s not every day you get to see “Ghirardelli” and “Dark Chocolate” together in a drink’s name—who am I to be a kill joy and deprive myself of the happiness I deserve?

Ghirardelli Premium Dark Chocolate Latte, P145

While I truly enjoyed our dinner at The Primary, I kind of wished we ate at Café Shibuya instead—so that we could’ve sampled more dishes. The Shibuya Benedict was so tempting—not to mention the Mentaiko pasta. The exciting fact is, Café Shibuya is just in Quezon City and I can go back anytime!

It was certainly the awesome quality of food that made our visit to Café Shibuya exceptional; however, the experience was further heightened by the friendliness of the staff and the manager, Peppart. He went around and talked to guests, making sure everyone had what he they needed, and provided useful information about their dishes as well as tips on how to enjoy them. Managers like him are so rare nowadays! I’ve had so many experiences where the manager only entertains his personal friends and invited guests. Wave a hand and he’ll direct you to a waiter. Does the word asshole fit?

It is with a slight hesitation that I publish this post because I promised my food buddy Aleli that we would go to Café Shibuya together, but I’m sorry my dear friend, I couldn’t wait any longer!

Café Shibuya is one of the most relaxing and welcoming places I’ve ever been to. Combine that with amazing food and it’s simply hard not to think about going back, or going every day.


Café Shibuya
G/F, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Facebook: Cafe Shibuya
Instagram: @cafeshibuya

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Have you dined at Cafe Shibuya? Share us your experience in the comments section below!

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