Who is Pepe Samson?

Hi! I’m Pepe Samsona self-confessed truffle and whisky junkie who goes crazy over landscape photography, piso fares, books, movies, and Samba and Chachacha music. When I'm not travelling or drinking, I do software and rant about my incredibly boring life in this blog.

My tag line "Dance. Drink. Travel. Eat. Repeat." is really just an attempt at being witty, because it sounds so much more sophisticated than the Filipino equivalent.

I don’t claim to be an expert on dancesport, mixology, travel, and cuisine – it’s just that I'm in love with the abovementioned things and I like writing about them! In fact these four things pretty much balance my life: dancing, eating, and drinking make me forget reality; traveling and writing bring me back.


  • I'm an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate from UP Diliman who now dabbles in IT work.
  • I'm a die-hard dancesport enthusiast who loves dancing, watching endless YouTube videos, and who used to compete. I started as a trainee in UP DanceSport Society, danced with a group called BMG, and now just plays my old competition videos on loop. LOL.
  • I'm a Gemini. Which probably explains why I'm weird and kind of a schizo sometimes.
  • Writing is my first love. I used to be the editor-in-chief of our high school paper, so when I decided to pursue practicality over passion (engineering over creative writing), I looked for ways to still engage in it – like this blog, for instance.
  • I love gin, whisky, and craft beers. Yes, I just had to say this.
  • I can't swim. So don't push me into the sea or something, or I will kill you.


This blog – like most (if not all) blogs – was born out of love.

Love for food. Love for booze. Love for new experiences, forcing one to travel. Love that is unrequited, forcing one to travel more. Love for writing. Love for photos and words.

My blog started in 2008 as a personal journal composed mostly of teenage angst and random shit. In 2013, I stumbled upon these past writings again and instantly vomited – inspiring me to take down all contents and revamp my blog as a chronicle of all things dance, alcohol, food, and travel: four things which, fundamentally, keep me alive and excited with life.

This blog aims to share fresh perspectives, useful tips, funny and insightful stories, and not-too-popular knowledge uselessly stacked inside my twisted peculiar mind. My humor is, at times, dark and offensive, but trust me: I am such an angel in person, LOL!

I categorized my blog into four sections, for you to navigate easily:

The Latin Dancer: Competitions, dance videos, events, lessons learned, insights, inspired and inspiring thoughts – and everything related to my passion, dancesport (specifically, Latin American ballroom dancing)!

The Alcoholic: Clubbing, chilling, street parties: blog posts on where to do these in Manila and beyond. Where to get nice beers in the city. Things I managed to write when I wasn’t too drunk or hung over.

The Traveler: My adventures and misadventures – in the Philippines and outside. Itineraries, travel tips, guides, hotels, what to eat, where to drink, and of course ... stunning travel photography, LOL! Includes occasional flashbacks and musings.

The Foodie: Everything related to my grand design of devouring the world one day at a time. Restaurant reviews, new places, food discoveries, product reviews, foodie events.


Despite my seemingly senseless rantings, I have actually been featured in a number of websites and my work have actually been published in some:

My photo has been used as a magazine cover as well, for Get Lost Magazine circulating in Australia.

Should you wish to connect with me or work with me, please send a mail to pst.corrales@gmail.com. You can also reach me through any of my social networking sites.

All posts are written by me and all photos are taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy reading! Drop a comment, I would really appreciate it! Or really, you can just invite me for some beer. :p

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