My Top Picks from Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
I’ll be honest: “all day” concepts kinda scare me. Most of the time, a lot of the dishes feel like they were conceptualized haphazardly—ending up being uninspired, mediocre, indistinctive from other restaurants. Often times, a bunch of random things labelled as "comfort food" comprise the menu. However, Jones All Day in Serendra begs to differ.

It’s a daunting task to offer international cuisine and fully commit to the real flavors but Chef Kalel Chan manages to accomplish this. I don’t even want to imagine the ingredient inventory that they have but this tells me how dedicated they are to pushing delicious, quality food. 

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
While Jones All Day is lovingly referred to as “Mr. Jones’ granddaughter”, I’d like to highlight a few other things other than the signature tapsilog from Greenbelt that we all miss. As the name suggests, the restaurant (actually, bistro and bakery) has something for all time of day—all occasions, all tastes, all preferences, and even dietary needs. Breakfast and recovery food? Check. A sosi brunch? Yes. Power lunch? You bet. A stylish dinner with drinks? Definitely. They even have a shop where you can buy breads, condiments, and other gourmet stuff.

Below are the dishes I highly recommend at Jones.

1 | Thai Crudo

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
If there’s a single dish at Jones All Day that perfectly captures the flavor profiles I am crazy for, it’s definitely the Thai Crudo. Raw white fish is laid down on some nuoc cham-inspired vinaigrette, and on top of the fish are some sambal, finely sliced lemongrass, Thai basil, cilantro, and thin strips of kaffir lime leaves. Pink peppercorns finish the beautiful plating. It’s slightly spicy, tart, sweet, and herbaceous—just like a Thai dish should be. I’ve never visited Jones so far without having this.

2 | Lamb Rib Pho

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
There’s something about soups that truly fascinate me. They seem really simple but in reality, it’s hard to develop flavors with them so when I encounter great soups, I do a little dance of joy on my seat. The Lamb Rib Pho at Jones is such a soup—a delicious bowl featuring lamb stock, noodles, herbs, and a gigantic meaty rib. If you think beef pho is supreme, wait until you’ve tried this. A unique offering at this restaurant and definitely a must-try.

3 | Steak and Eggs

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
I can’t resist a good plate of steak and eggs, and at Jones, not only is it beautiful and delicious, it’s also pretty affordable too. The US top blade steak is perfectly cooked and very tender, while the steak fat fried rice is loose and fluffy—the perfect fried rice, not wet and sloppy, savory but not too salty and no umay factor. They also provide housemade A1-inspired steak sauce on the side, but honestly I can eat the meat on its own.

4 | Octopus Carpaccio

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
Another winner from the raw selections is the Octopus Carpaccio, featuring thinly sliced octopus, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and dollops of harissa (again, flavor combinations that I’m a sucker for). I love how this restaurant showcases raw seafood in various forms, and this carpaccio is one of their best alongside the Thai crudo. It’s light and delicate but incredibly flavorful—a perfect way to whet up the appetite for more plates.

5 | Bistro Bouillabaisse

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
For something truly comforting, order the Bistro Bouillabaisse which is loaded with salmon, mussels, and prawns. If you love herbaceous and citrusy soups and stews, you are going to enjoy this dish. Each spoonful bursts with tomato, herbs, spices, and citrus, and feels like a warm hug. The crusty bread on the side is perfect for mopping up all that soup—make sure you smear some of the rouille sauce as well.

6 | Moules Frites

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
I know several people who love seafood but hate mussels and they are unfortunately missing out on Moules Frites, one of the best seafood dishes on earth! It’s everything you want a shellfish dish to be—light, delicate, comforting. The white wine herbed broth is creamy but also light, the Chilean mussels are meaty, and the fries and bread provide the perfect bites in between slurps of seafood and soup.

7 | Oysters

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
Feeling fancy? Order a plate of Jones’ oysters, preferably the a la escargot—gratinated oysters with a garlic and parsley butter—and some wine for some midweek indulgence. Or over lunch, because who cares? That butter sauce is incredibly delicious and sinful and I wouldn’t give you a guilt trip if you want to drink it all. I must mention that the oysters are huge and incredibly fresh too. Tip: they also offer them Rockefeller style and as a katsu dynamite.

8 | Grass-Fed NZ Beef Short Ribs Bourguignon 

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
Succulent slow-braised beef cheeks are the star of this dish—Jones’ take on the classic French stew, beef bourguignon. If you’re a fan or rich, thick beef stews, you must try this. The luscious, fall-apart beef cheeks sit atop a bed of delicious mashed potato. Sweetish vegetables complete each bite. Honestly this dish looks like something from a fine dining restaurant and not in a casual spot in Serendra.

9 | Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
People who automatically stay away from anything labelled “vegan” are definitely missing out on some delicious things—such as this Pumpkin Soup. The dish is loaded with spices, almost tasting like a curry, but thinner and therefore more slurp-able. It has coconut milk instead of dairy cream and better in my opinion. You need to add this to your starters to share when you visit Jones with your friends.

10 | Black Pepper Crab Cream Handkerchief Pasta

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
Another interesting offering at Jones is their handkerchief pasta—I’ve never seen it offered in other restaurants, even Italian ones. Perhaps it’s because it looks hard to make! The pasta sheets, similar to lasagne but thinner, are so delicate and silky—Jones makes them in house. They offer a variety of sauces such as Dan Dan and one that’s “carbonara inspired”, but my favorite is probably the Black Pepper Crab Cream which explodes with pepper spice and citrus.

11 | Open Faced Truffled Egg Salad

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
If you’re in BGC, super hungry, and looking for a filling brunch or breakfast, pop into Jones and order the Open Faced Truffled Egg Salad. Your typical egg salad is elevated with cherry tomatoes, dill, and black caviar—all atop a piece of dark rye multigrain toast. There’s some fries for accompaniment and housemade fresh mayonnaise. Order a cortado, a hazelnut cream cold brew, or the refreshing Clean and Green smoothie made with spinach and mango to pair.

12 | Brioche French Toast

Jones All Day Bistro and Bakery
Finish your meal at Jones All Day with the Brioche French Toast, guaranteed to provide that sweet, delightful ending. Or it can also be a breakfast plate on its own, if you’re the type who prefers sweet dishes for brekky. A thick slab of buttery brioche bread is laden with berry compote and topped with crème fraiche, honey, and toasted almonds. I love how balanced it is—not too sweet, with a slight tartness from the berries.

13 | Spanish Croissant

This croissant takes inspiration from the Spanish bread sold in local bakeries. Now your favorite childhood merienda (with Coke or coffee?) can be enjoyed in an elevated form. The croissant itself is great and flaky, while the filling really reminds you of Spanish bread—buttery, milky, sugary. I want a hot cup of 3-in-1, please. (Tip: the hazelnut and almond croissants are pretty good too.)

Have you been to Jones All Day? How was your experience? What are your favorite dishes?

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