Bali Food Trip: 26 Restaurants Worth Traveling For [UPDATED DECEMBER 2022]

Truth be told, Bali is not a destination people would typically pick when craving for local cuisineunlike let's say, Bangkok or Osaka—but the dining scene in the Island of the Gods is far from lackluster. Acclaimed chefs from all over the world have made Bali their second home, introducing exciting concepts and reimagining Asian food.

Indonesian food is far less explored compared to other Asian cuisines, and while the foreign concepts in Bali are packaged more attractively, I urge you try more of the local fare too when you visit. In this list, I added both warungs and restaurants offering international food. These are some of the most well-polished, well-thought-of concepts I've tried, with interiors that will put other Asian destinations to shame; with food that can compete just as easily. A Bali Food Map has been conveniently attached at the bottom of this blog post for your food tripping.

I'm always keen on adding more local offerings to my lists, but for now, here’s a list from both the east and the west. Enjoy!

This list is ranked.

1. Solé Dining (Seminyak) 

The fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese flavors is a concept unheard of, but thanks to chef Martin Loving, this can now be experienced in Bali. Solé offers an elevated dining experience right beside Batu Belig Beach: some of the notable dishes include the Agedashi Tofu which demonstrates balance between delicate Japanese flavors and vibrant Western elements; the beautiful temaki creations; the Green Tomato Salad that will make you forget meat; and the exciting Grilled Octopus. If you’re looking for refined food in a casual setting, this restaurant is the place to visit.

Solé Dining is open from 12PM to 10PM.

2. Sangsaka (Seminyak)

For a taste of Modern Indonesian cooking, reserve a table at Sangsaka in Seminyak. This intimate and stylish 40-seater restaurant puts a spin on Indonesian food, using a variety of ingredients and techniques that aim to mimic the diverse flavors of the archipelago. For the ultimate experience, try the 8-course tasting menu which will take you around Indonesia—it’s the best way to sample a variety from their a la carte menu as well. Everything is delicious and they finish strong with the desserts!

Sangsaka is open from 5:30PM to 11PM.

3. Room 4 Dessert (Ubud)

It’s important to know what Room 4 Dessert is about before coming here: Chef Will Goldfarb is obsessed with plants, seasonality, and fresh ingredients—and so the desserts here don’t feel like the typical dessert. With an emphasis on freshness and what’s available (thus the menu changes every few months), Room 4 Dessert’s dishes utilize a lot of fruit, flowers, and herbs native to Bali, and use less processed ingredients. The signature experience is a 21-course meal executed in 3 different areas of the restaurant, starting with a garden tour and ending with another garden—a romantic venue for the final bites of the night. Some dishes are more notable that others, but you can tell a lot of thought has been put in every one of them.

Room 4 Dessert is open from 4PM to 11PM.

4. Mari Beach Club (Seminyak)

You can’t go to Bali without hanging out in a beach club, and if you are to pick only one, make it Mari. The stunning property has some of the best architectural designs you’ll ever see, including a gorgeous infinity pool that looks out to Batu Belig Beach. The vibe is lavish yet casual, easygoing and very chill—it’s so easy to spend an entire afternoon here just relishing delicious bites like satay and tacos, or heavier meals like Nasi Goreng, one of the best in Bali, in my opinion. The sunset view here is awesome as well so order some cocktails while you wait for it!

Mari Beach Club is open from 12PM to 10PM.

5. Baso Mawar (Berawa)

While many consider nasi goreng or mie goreng as their ultimate Indonesian comfort food, mine happens to be bakso—the Indonesian meatball soup! One such place offering great bakso is Baso Mawar in Berawa. The restaurant offers a variety of styles—soup and meatballs only, soup with rice noodles, soup with yellow noodles—to suit your craving. I personally loved the mie bakso (yellow noodles) where the soup is served separate. I like putting a dash of kecap manis and some sambal on the noodles then putting a splash of the soup, before eating them with the meatballs. Yum!

Baso Mawar is open from 9AM to 9PM.

6. The Sayan House (Ubud)

For stunning views of Ubud while you lounge around with delicious Japanese-Latin food, head over to The Sayan House which boasts of tranquil vibes and incredible views. Their sushi taco, composed of tuna and salmon sashimi, shrimp, rice, nori, and wasabi aioli is especially unforgettable and addicting! Make sure you reserve a table, and come before sunset!

The Sayan House is open from 12PM to 11PM.

7. Mano Beach House (Seminyak)

Slow living is the mantra of Mano Beach House, and once you experience this spot in Petitenget Beach, you will understand it—and love it. The vibe is incredibly laid back and every aspect of the beach club contributes to it: the shady, canopied seats facing the beach; the delicious cocktails; the easygoing beats; and the food meant to be relished and lingered upon. I loved the Amberjack Ceviche, Potato Gnocchi and Chorizo, and the East Side cocktail which has gin, mint, cucumber, and elderflower. 

Mano Beach House is open from 11AM to 11PM.

8. Lusa by Suka (Berawa)

The formula for a perfect morning includes amazing bread, great coffee, and delicious eggs—and you can get all of these at Lusa by Suka, a modern café and bar situated at the heart of Berawa. This spot features a lively, bustling ambience and beautiful industrial chic interiors—and the offerings are great. Try the Chili Crab Scramble which has crab and Szechuan chili with an Asian slaw and a sourdough toast on the side. For the drinks, I recommend the piccolo and the matcha latte.

Lusa by Suka is open from 7:30AM to 10PM.

9. Pizza Fabbrica (Umalas and Canggu)

One can never go wrong with pizza—especially at Pizza Fabbrica. This Italian restaurant has 2 locations in Bali (Canggu and Umalas) and is a popular stop for authentic and freshly made pastas and pizzas. The restaurant uses only 100% Made in Italy products to ensure that each dish is of the best Italian quality. The Crudo Grana e Rucola has mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, parmesan, and arugula—a combination of freshness and meaty goodness. Try it with some beer or choose from their extensive wine selection!

Pizza Fabbrica is open from 10AM to 12AM.

10. Copenhagen (Canggu)

If you’re a fan of big, Western-style breakfasts, march over to Copenhagen in Canggu. We loved their build-your-own-breakfast-board concept where you may choose 3 or 5 dishes from their selections of breads, eggs, protein, fruit, and desserts. This cafe is super popular among Canggu dwellers so prepare to line up for a while; it’s also at the far end of Canggu but I'd say it's worth the visit. The coffee is great as well so add that to the good food, lovely ambience, and amazing service and you’ve got yourself a fabulous breakfast.

Copenhagen is open from 6AM to 6PM.

11. Nook (Umalas)

If you can’t decide between Western and local food, Nook is always a great choice in Bali. The restaurant shot to fame because of its beautiful view of the rice fields, but more than that, the food is actually pretty good and reasonably priced. The Nasi Campur Special is the most famous choice among travelers but the simpler Nasi Goreng Ayam is just as great—the satay is flavorful and the sambal is delicious.

Nook is open from 8AM to 11PM.

12. Bonito Fish Bar (Umalas)

If you love seafood, you must visit Bonito Fish Bar in Umalas—a unique concept that provides diners the freshest seafood sustainably sourced from different regions of Indonesia along with some imported premium products. Here, the creatures of the sea are the real stars—you may enjoy them fresh (as in crudo), seared, roasted, fried, grilled, however you like! The glass display will definitely lure you with how beautiful and fresh everything is. If you can’t decide what to order, try the “A Taste of Bonito” experience—a 9-course tasting menu featuring assorted seafood and two desserts.

Bonito Fish Bar is open from 12PM to 11PM.

13. Naughty Nuri’s (Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, and Jimbaran)

bali food guide
The Balinese are big pork lovers—and Naughty Nuri’s, a warung well-known for its pork ribs, is a clear indication. A visit by Anthony Bourdain propelled this restaurant to fame, and if you wish to dine here, you might find yourself falling in line for a table. The wait is worth it, however; the ribs are so good! The meat is fall-off-the-bone, and the sweetish, tangy, sticky sauce, made with Balinese spices, is superb. We thought we could get away with not eating rice since we ordered some delicious Truffle Fries too, but we found ourselves ordering extras. The grilled chicken skewers (Nuri’s Satay) are hefty and tasty, especially with a squeeze of lime.

Naughty Nuri's branches:

Seminyak - 11AM - 10:00PM
Ubud - 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Sanur - 11AM - 10:00PM
Jimbaran - 9AM - 10:00PM

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14. La Favela (Seminyak)

bali food guide

La Favela, probably the most beautiful establishment in Seminyak, is more popular for its 90s’ underground scene-inspired parties; however, visiting this hotspot during the day lets you bask in its amazing ambience while enjoying incredible food. Pick a seat amidst its indoor gardens, beside an artificial pond, or on the rooftop, as you share some bites with friends—perhaps a Gourmet Pizza topped with rucolaparma ham, cherry tomatoes, feta, and grana padano? Their signature drink, the Favela Breeze, is light and refreshing, made with vodka, peach liquor, and dragonfruit. Whether you’re looking to party or simply hungry, a visit to La Favela is warranted.

La Favela is open from 5PM to 3AM.

15. Lola’s Cantina Mexicana (Canggu)

There’s no saying “no” to tacos, and if you’re looking for a laidback time in Bali over tacos and margaritas, Lola’s Cantina Mexicana is the place to be. Tacos are free every Tuesday with every cocktail order, and drinks are sold for only 50K IDR during happy hour (4 to 7 PM). The Carnitas Quesadillas are incredible while the Beef Birria Tacos are sloppy and delicious. For the cocktails, try the Blackberry Mojito (tart and refreshing), Coconut Espresso Martini (sweet and strong), and Apple Sour (somewhat tastes like apple pie)!

Lola's Cantina is open from 8:30AM to 12AM.

16. Bukit Café (Uluwatu - TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

bali food guide
Cafés thrive in Bali, especially those serving vegan and vegetarian options and catering to Westerners and surfers. In Uluwatu, Bukit Café lures guests with its generous portions, beautiful dishes, and healthy choices. There’s an a la carte menu comprising everything from burgers to all-day breakfast plates, and then there are specials which feature seasonal produce. The Chicken Burger comes in a hefty size—grilled chicken breast is topped with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and mozzarella. The Beef Fajitas come with the most delicious tomato salsa and sour cream, while the Tuna Burger uses striking squid-ink buns.

Bukit Cafe is open from 7AM to 10PM.

17. Bebek Joni (Ubud)

bali food guide
The online reviews for Bebek Joni are so varied—some people absolute hate it and found it a tourist trap, while others truly enjoyed the food and the amazing view of the rice paddies. Thankfully, our visit was on the positive side! I loved the Crispy Duck (Bebek Goreng), which is Indonesian-style duck similar to the French confit. Served with urab (steamed string beans with spiced grated coconut), sambal, satay, and steamed rice, it was delightfully crisp on the outside and juicy, fatty, and moist inside. If you have spent several days in Bali and you feel like skipping local fare, you can order some Western food from their menu, such as steaks.

Bebek Joni is open from 8AM to 9PM.

18. La Plancha (Seminyak)

bali food guide
Known as one of the best sunset spots in Seminyak, La Plancha is a must-visit when in Bali. With its rugged, up-cycled painted wood elements, colorful beanbags, and Balinese parasols, it’s truly hard to miss. The Chiringuito-style restaurant serves cocktails, beers, and tapas—I love the Gourmet Burger: premium beef topped with caramelized onions, red bell peppers, white cheddar, and arugula, sandwiched in a brioche bun. If you feel like eating something lighter, go for the Sunset Sliders, with 3 types of filling (beef, fish, and all-veggie), or the delicious Tuna Tataki. Finish off with some Raspberry Panna Cotta, and of course, some cocktails or Bintangs.

La Plancha is open from 10AM to 12AM.

19. Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen (Seminyak)

bali food guide
You can’t leave Bali without trying babi guling—the Balinese suckling pig. This traditional dish, prepared by stuffing a whole pig with herbs and spices and spit-roasting it, is widely consumed in the island. In Seminyak, one must try Babi Guling Pak Malen along Sunset Road. There are no menus; you just line up and tell them if you want regular or spicy pork. A set gives you pork in different forms: babi guling, a satay, a skin crackling, crispy fat bits, a tendon puff, and lawar with minced pork. Word of caution: the regular one is still a little spicy from all the sauces from the sides! Make sure you buy some pia to take home—they are mooncake-like pastries that are super delicious!

Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen is open from 8:30AM to 7PM.

20. Starter Lab (Canggu)

Probably the only place in this list that’s not an actual restaurant, Starter Lab is a must-try when in Bali. This bakery is well-known for their sourdough loaves and fresh breads—in fact, if you eat at Bali’s breakfast places often enough, you would probably recognize their bread! Drop by their shop in Canggu and see the bakers at work; if you’re lucky they might make you sample new flavors as well. Make sure to buy some breads along with some cheeses, cold cuts, and accoutrements.

Starter Lab is open from 8AM to 5PM.

21. Ant Coffee Roastery/Hiden Coffee (Ubud)

bali food guide
We stumbled upon this quaint, cute café by accident—we were so exhausted after walking under the midday sun at the Campuhan Ridge Walk and we decided to look for something to drink. Our criteria for choosing the place? Whichever is empty. Well, we were incredibly happy to have Ant Coffee Roastery all to ourselves! The small restaurant is so cozy and the staff, so friendly. The Nasi Goreng is so good, I ate two plates of it. I also got a side of Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl for good measure, LOL! As for the coffee, we couldn’t get enough of the Iced Latte and the Affogato!

Ant Coffee is open from 8AM to 8PM.

22. Ling Ling’s (Seminyak)

Located along the busy area of Petitenget in Seminyak, the vibrant Ling-Ling’s offers contemporary Japanese and Korean fusion cuisine. The menu consists of intriguing dishes like bao sliders, Korean tacos, a selection of fried chicken styles, sashimi, and Asian appetizers like satay and dim sum. I loved the Korean Fried Chicken which comes with a spicy gochujang sauce. If you’re feeling hot after walking around the island, quench your thirst with their Yuzu Cool—a slush made of yuzu, lychee, apple juice, and ginger ale, scented with kaffir lime!

Ling Ling's is open from 11AM to 12AM.

23. The Lawn (Canggu)

bali food guide
When Seminyak gets too crowded for you, a half-hour drive will take you to laid-back Canggu. Here, you can enjoy tasty bites and lovely drinks while watching Bali’s sunsets. At The Lawn, guests are forced to sit back and chill literally, with their big lawn filled with cushions and tables, oversized day beds, and an infinity pool. Their Truffle Four Cheese Mac and Cheese Balls are exquisite, perfect with an ice-cold beer. Cool off in the pool while having a negroni (highly recommended) or get your spirit of choice from their extensive list.

The Lawn Canggu is open from 10AM to 11PM.

24. Bali Pork Star (Legian)

For all things pork, make your way down to Legian and visit Bali Pork Star. Your porcine cravings are sure to be satisfied in this casual restaurant, serving everything from soups and salads (loaded with pork) to ribs and roasts. Their signature Nasi Campur Pork Star has 4 styles of pig: babi sambal matah (pork with raw sambal), babi sambal hijau (green sambal, my favorite), babi rica rica (a type of spicy sauce), and dendeng (pork jerky). The Ginger Crème Brulee is also delicious.

Pork Star is open from 9AM to 10PM.

25. Sinaloa (Legian)

Another purveyor of delicious tacos is Sinaloa, hidden away in Legian. The striking façade instantly invites passers-by—the staff uniform even matches the interiors and the total vibe of the place. The Beef Brisket Tacos are pretty good although sad-looking, topped with salsa and cilantro crema. Their cocktails look amazing but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try any—a reason to go back to Bali, maybe?

Sinaloa is open from 12PM to 11PM.

26. Sushimi (Seminyak and Berawa)

Sushimi is a sushi train concept with two locations in Bali (Seminyak and Berawa)—the first of its kind in the island. We were not able to visit the actual restaurants but we had some food delivered to our villa via GrabFood—they were delicious. I especially loved the Tuna Sambal Matah which were tuna rolls topped with fresh sambal—they’re fresh, spicy, herbaceous and just delightful! The tasty and filling Chicken Karaage Don is another great option especially if you’re extra hungry.

Sushimi is open from 11AM to 11PM.

Bali Food Map

What other places can you add to the list? Which one is your favorite?

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